Russian tanks on top of the world again?

The first prototype based on the unified fighting module "Armata" will be released next year. Starting in 2015, it will enter into service. This was announced by the Commander of the Russian Land Forces Vladimir Chirkin. According to him, a tank on the basis of "Armata" is being created at an accelerated speed.

The military are optimistic. The project is financed in full, and specialists of "Uralvagonzavod" are working on the creation of the new prototypes. The director of the establishment Oleg Sienko said that the plant, along with the military, was already testing units and sets for the new tank, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

A year ago, Russian generals were skeptical of the national armor. The former Commander of the Land Forces (now deputy chief of the General Staff) Alexander Postnikov stated once that the money spent on the construction of a T-90 would be better used for a purchase of three units of the German "Leopard."

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Naturally, the colonel-general was criticized by everyone. The criticism was justified, since Postnikov's statement about the price of "Leopard" was not very consistent with the reality.

The disputes between the Ministry of Defense and the defense industry on the prices and characteristics of the samples of weapons for several years ended in frustrating defense contracts.

That is, on the one hand there was no desire to spend money on God knows what. Think back to the epic five-billion expenditure on the development of domestic drones with zero result. On the other hand, the "defense" companies cannot produce vehicles without set expectation, in the hope that it will be purchased one day.

The country's leadership has repeatedly intervened in the disagreements between the military and the directors of defense enterprises. Some resignations took place. Only after the intervention the situation is beginning to change for the better.

Relapses still occur. In May, for example, it was reported that Russia may purchase a license for the production of the Italian wheeled tanks Centauro. It was reported that these machines were tested in the Moscow suburbs. Since then, however, there has been no news on thiss project.

According to the chief editor of "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko, in terms of armored vehicles, the bet will not be made solely on the Russian development.

He stressed that the development of the platform of main battle tank "Armata" is key. If successful, mass production of the fifth generation will be implemented.

At the same time, said Igor Korotchenko, there are technologies that Russian defense enterprises do not possess. "It concerns optoelectronics, night vision devices, perhaps some elements of personnel equipment, etc." said the expert.

"The main task is to give the Russian soldiers and officers a complete set for the armed struggle in order to be able to solve problems more successfully than the enemy on the battlefield, fighting with comfort and, most importantly, to ensure the safety and lives of personnel, protecting them to the maximum," said Igor Korotchenko.

The "Armata" replaced two other projects for tanks building, "Black Eagle" and "Object 195". The military were not happy with the high cost and technical complexity of the previous projects, as well as their non-universality. Judging by the statements of the Land Forces Commander, now these problems are irrelevant and the main bet was placed on "Armata."

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov