US presidents useless - Putin

By  Xavier Lerma

"I think that the missile defense problem will not be solved if Obama is reelected or not," Putin. President Vladimir Putin has been aware of the fact that the US has been and will continue pointing missiles at Russia and surrounding it with military bases. He knew that the promises from Reagan to Gorbachev were broken in the 90's. He never expected to get treated better than the US treated the Native Americans. Even if Obama promised the moon Putin would not have believed him. So, why the meeting?

US presidents useless - Putin

Two hours alone together and I'm sure Putin broke his smile and terrified Obama with facts Obama thought surely were known to him and his CIA. Revealing to Obama, "We know your plans, where your military and agents are located. WW3 will be on your head and legacy". Obama was faced with only saying he was not in charge and he had no choice. Cold hard facts and laying their cards on the table with the entire world at stake must have made 2 hours seem like 2 years to Obama.

Putin told the press,

"The United States has been following the path of creating its own missile defense for more than one year, and I do not see anything that could change its approach,"

He said the European Union, Russia and the United States should all cooperate in developing a missile shield:

"This means all three participants would jointly be building that system, and would be able to jointly assess threats, manage that system and make decisions on its use,"

He knows that will not happen but he continues to offer solutions to the US. Putin had already said a few days before the meeting, that an arms race had begun and that Russia had no choice. He can talk to other countries like China and Iran and receive cooperation from them but not the US government. What is it about America that makes it look down their noses at other nations?

They did make friends with the Nazis after the war having several SS officers join the CIA and even Wernher von Braun helped America get to the moon. Then there's those damn Bilderbergers who were started by German born Prince Bernhard (video / photo of him with Nazis salute-1:15) who was a member of the Nazis party and the infamous SS (Schutzstaffel). The world was wrong when it thought the Nazis would come from Argentina.

Putin sees the storm clouds gathering and warned last May,

"respecting the state sovereignty and each nation's right to make their choices is one of certain guarantees that the tragedy of the past war (WW2) will not recur."

President Putin knows the US will not alter its course so he gathers "Allies" all over the world as Churchill did to fight the aggressor nation. The BRICS (Brazil, India, China, South Africa) are just a few countries who side with Russia. Even France is currently having joint military exercises with Russia in the Barents Sea.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a so called "reset" button in 2009.  Hillary said she and Obama wanted to reset their relationship. The only problem was that the button said "overcharged". Hillary laughed and said she wouldn't let Russia overcharge the US. That was the last time I saw Lavrov laugh and smile at a US official because the US government has been charging all over the Middle East creating havoc and unleashing the dogs of war.

Love him or hate him, the peace of the world is in his hands. The US will not turn away from violence, therefore it's up to Vladimir and company. President Putin will unite Russia and other countries to stop US aggression. He may even prevent WW3 from happening.  

By  Xavier Lerma

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov