Russian women ready to kill for Putin to win iPad 2

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin enjoys immense popularity with Russian women. A group of Putin's female admirers has recently announced that they would be ready kill for Putin.

A curious video has recently appeared on the Internet. The video has all chances to become a viral one. As it can be seen from the footage, the video was made by professionals, not just some amateurs. The video shows a girl, who introduced herself as "Diana, a student." She is seen wandering along the streets of Moscow and exposing the advantages and disadvantages of her body.

"My name is Diana, I am a student. I am crazy about the man, who changed the life of our country. He is a worthy politician and a gorgeous man. He is Vladimir Putin. He is loved by millions, and millions believe him. But there is a bunch of people who throw mud at him. Maybe they do it because they are afraid of him. Maybe they do it just because they are weak because they will never be in his place," Diana says strolling.

At the end of the video, the woman announces the creation of the so-called 'Army of Putin" in which all of its "soldiers" are women. She calls upon all beautiful and smart women to join this "army" and take part in the army contest.

"We announce a contest. The rules are simple. You should make a video showing you nailing something or someone for Putin. The author of the most original video will win the prize of the contest - an iPad 2," Diana, a student said.

The finale of the video is very impressive. The woman is ripping her clothes saying "What are you ready to do for your president?"

The last phrase in the video is apparently the most important one. It just so happens that the women are ready to support and worship Vladimir Vladimirovich only if he takes the office as president of Russia again. It appears that the members of the army of Putin do not care much about his character traits or his achievements in politics.

The official group of the "Army of Putin" on Russia's VKontakte social network has very clear and understandable slogans:

"Goal: Putin for President!" Girls with no complexes only! Our actions will be talked about all across Russia! Each girl will become an Internet star! Are you ready to show how COOL you are and how great YOUR president is? Join the ARMY of PUTIN!!!" the description on the website of Putin's "warriors" says.

The group of Putin's female supporters has its leader, who is also a woman. Her name is Lesya Nomaldinova. VKontakte members tried to find out what exactly the members of Putin's army are ready to do to support their idol. However, the woman has not been able to clearly describe her "political views."

"Life in the country has improved when Putin came. Teachers finally saw their wages," this is the only thing, that the leader of Putin's army managed to say. The woman did not mention any other achievements of Putin's political activities.

Over 1,500 people have joined the group on VKontakte social network in just several days. It's not good for the army, of course, but it is more than enough for such a pointless and vague organization.

It is not really clear, what exactly the members of the group are going to fight for. Are they going to rip their clothes for Putin or for an iPad? It also seems strange that such a patriotic, as it seems, action has an American prize.

Ellada Karibova

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov