How Switzerland became the richest Nation of the World

Swiss banks and other mafia organisations

Did you ever ask yourself: Where does the richness of Switzerland and the great Swiss Banks come from? Here are the major reasons:

For many years, Swiss banks accepted any blood-stained money from any dictator in Africa, Latin America or Asia. They kept these billions of dollars on Swiss number accounts. Result: these national mafia bosses did not have to pay taxes in their own countries. Instead, they tortured their intelligensia to death, not only in Chile and Argentina.

At the same time, these banks pretended that they could not pay back one Dollar of saving accounts of heirs of Jews, gassed to death in Auschwitz, because no one, none of the little Hitlers, had established any testament for these Jews in their death camps near Guantanamo. For that huge stupidity, the Swiss banks had to pay 1250 million of Swiss Francs to some ugly US-organisations… In the meantime, Jews act equally stupid as did the Germans, molesting Palestine folks and creating herewith Arab terrorism. But this is another story.

Did you ever ask yourself, where the richness of Switzerland comes from? It comes primarily from the Swiss banks. And what's the source of over ten billions of profit per year for UBS or Credit Suisse? The main source: The whole day long the bankers push around your deposits in shares - and cash commissions with each transaction. After 200 transactions, your deposit on your number account, dear foreigner, will just have vanished. Same goes for the old age funds, the investment funds (Anlagefonds) and for the fortune held in the name of insurance and re-insurance companies. So, we all finance as clients these immense profits, as do in fact all other banks throughout the world.

For years, rich Americans, Germans, French, English and other Russians brought their fortune to Switzerland and did not pay any taxes in their own countries. That’s patriotism. Especially, when these men were presidents or prime ministers of their own nations. On number accounts or in anonymous companies (Societes Anonymes), the Swiss bankers pushed around for decenniums billions and billions of Dollars, Pounds, Rubels or Deutschmarks - and the whole country became rich.

But there are other Mafia Organisations:

When the EU wanted to get rid of the secret rules of bankers (Schweizer Bankgeheimnis), the Swiss banks and all foreign banks in Switzerland invented other ways of hiding money, with the help of offshore tax paradises all around the world. So the rich and greedy people of the world do not pay taxes and the poor folks have to do it in their place. Therefore dismiss all governments throughout the world just now. They are all gangsters and mafia bosses.

In Russia, Yeltsin gave away trillions of values in Dollars or Rubles to a handful of oligarchs and so the communist idea (Russian folks fortune: oil, gas, metal and all the rest should belong to the population as a whole) was replaced within days by the idea of Friedman and Chicago boys US-capitalism. Putin is a little more intelligent: he puts in jail the oligarchs that did not want to give him the money he needed - and the rest can stay as rich as before. And the normal folks stay starving without any help of the government. But the oligarchs can continue to deposit the stolen fortunes and all the wealth of their nations in the Swiss banks.

The Chinese "Wirtschaftswunder" is another mafia-matter: The Chinese gave away the whole fortune of the country to a few golden boys, whereas 80 percent of the population in agriculture starves and will pay the price for the vanity and indeptedness of the Chinese government in a future collapse of the country. The Far East "Wonder of Economics" will collapse when the Chinese government will realize that the US treasury bonds of Alan Greenspan cannot be sold to anyone for a penny.

The real mafia bosses in Italy, in America and in Africa have in fact become the nicest guys of the world, when compared to Bush and his crazy bunch of criminals (see my Open Letter to George W. Bush - criminal acts in politics). Also when compared with the shareholder-value-gangsters on top of the big companies in the USA and in Europe. The poor people throughout the world pay for the craziness and the greed of the Swiss bankers, the stupid US-managers, the Russian oligarchs and the Chinese golden boys.

Do you still have some questions, gentlemen, cheres mesdames? Write to the Swiss bankers, to Bush, Putin, Blair, Koizumi, Chinese, Merkel, Solana, Chirac, Berlusconi, Blocher, Kofi Annan - or any other representative of Mafia organisations in the World. Yes, dear reader, our world has become a hell, in economy, ecology and in a culture of high stupidity - and no one was able to see that we all go down the drain right now.

Rene Delavy
Author of "Chaos" and "Power x Stupidity = Self destruction"

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov