Open letter to US President George W. Bush: Accuse him and his nation

A. Criminal acts in politics

Remember Pinochet and the torturing to death of thousands of young people in Chile? Remember the generals of Argentine and other nations in South America, killing ten thousands of students, teachers, intellectuals and journalists? Remember: The democrat Allende and all other decent men and women could not have been killed without the consent of the Government of the USA and his secret army, the CIA. Remember Vietnam: Three million people (and this happened AFTER a World War II) killed for nothing at all, in the name of an ideology of capitalism, without the Chinese, Soviets and other being able to prevent it? McNamara, Henry Kissinger, Kennedy, Nixon and the rest just killed whole populations without any reasons. And this was done, after Hitler dared many years earlier - under the same principles and idea of hegemony - to kill six million Jews, many millions of Russians, Americans, French and English people. Where is the fundamental difference between Nazi-Germany and USA in the years 1960 to 2005, in the light of the future development, which risks getting out of any control?

This killing goes on today. With the consent of all mass media of the USA, George W. Bush did not want to get rid of Saddam Hussein. No, this monster is still alive, whereas the oil of Iraq seemed already to be firm in the hands of the US Industry - that paid for George W. Bush to be president of the most cynical state of the Earth and then to act in their interest. And therefore, many Iraqis and people of Afghanistan had to die for no good reasons, but for the lies, that Powell was spreading in the face of all the nations of the UN - just before the decided battle started. As a result, the whole Arab area is now preparing a war in spirit against the western ideology of hegemonial thinking, result of an attempt to influence these states in a way that the USA government would have the power on the oil of the whole Arab region. This has been the original plan of Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and all the rest.

Eight years of Bush regency will have destabilized the world in a way, the blinded media in the USA did not see, when they followed an idiot in his adventure; Fox-TV, Murdoch, New York Times, USA Today and all other newspapers followed his leader, as German media did when Hitler came to power. Where is the fundamental difference? The US-media did not understand that 9/11 was a reaction and not an action. The slap in the faces of all people of Islam faith had to react, sooner or later. But the journalism of the World is not of a nature to illustrate the change of thinking in the heads of deprivated people, confronted with a western Hollywood mentality of action, fun, killing and porno; an ideology which declares the criminal, powerful and stupid heroes as Masters of the Universe whereas the rest of people in the world obviously are nothing but a bunch of idiots to be ignored, sent in poverty or even worse. So remember who first has made steps forward into terrorism in this world, long before 9/11.

B. Criminal acts in ecology

Is the Kyoto protocol of any importance? No, it will not change one percent of the criminal influence of the World, headed by the US population and ideology of capitalism. But the NO of George W. Bush is a sign, that he could not care less about the future generations on the Earth, betting for a survival after all energy stuff of the world will have been transformed in a gas of destruction, with the crazy idea of cars, planes and all the rest, deployed by a mass population of more than seven billion people, of which the US population pollutes more of the air than any other nation in the world. Now, even China tries to copy this model of self destruction. Our children will have to pay the price. It is not George W. Bush alone who is responsible for this misery. But he is the living sign that most people of the world will not be able to understand the state of affairs, before the whole civilization will go down the drain, slowly first - and than - all of a sudden - so fast that no counter action can be taken, by nobody, no nation, no government, NGO, United Nations Organisation or any other power in the world. We have destroyed the future of our own children, and at the same time we laugh our heads off, sitting in a comfortable rapid train that will explode very soon at the wall called "End of the vanities of human mankind".

The cynicism of George and his bunch of criminals could have been noticed during the drowning of New Orleans: "Just let them go down the drain, those criminal black people with their poverty, far away from us, down in the south." This was the stupid attitude and the intention of George, before he realized that race-hatred in his own country is not modern thinking. Today, he and his crew try to do everything to make forget this fauxpas of bad taste. But the black people in New Orleans will not forget that theUS government didnot undertake anything to prevent the loss of a beautiful town, because the killing of Iraqis (instead of killing Saddam Hussein alone) was much more important to them - and so the billions of dollars had to go into that area, for anideology of apes, for a useless struggle, just for nothing. What has this to do with ecology? You will see it, twenty years from now.

C. Criminal acts in the name of religion

What have the "New born Christians", also known as the fundamental Evangelists of the United States , what have these conservative bunches to do with Israel? Dear George, quite a lot. In fact the understanding of the US government with all acts of Sharon and other Jewish people in Israel is at the source of the hatred of the Arabs and of Islam people on the Western world and its standards of cynicism. And in fact this is the source of 9/11, nothing else. George W. Bush himself would have planned such a reaction of revenge, would he have been a proud member of the great Islam Society. But this is too difficult to be understood - even for the Chief Editor of the New York Times.

Remember the elicts of faith (Hexenbulle) of the Catholic church that were at the source of hundred thousands of women and men, tortured and thrown in the fire, alive and in a painfulness that cannot be imagined by anybody, a burning of people that lasted for centuries? What is the difference in spirit to the Evangelicans in the USA and their acting outside their borders? The hatred of the Arab nations will grow and grow, also based on the acting of the Israelis against the interests of the Palestinian folks. And sooner or later, the Israelis will be thrown in the Mediterranean Sea. When? At the date, when the influence of the USA will weaken, probably just after the collapse of this hegemonial nation (see next point: Criminal acts in US-economy).

D. Criminal acts in economy

I have written in some books of my oeuvre: "Each US-American owes to the world one million dollars." How come? Count and add: The indebtedness (not prevented by Alan Greenspan) of the USA, as a nation, is about 20 trillion (Deutsch: 20 Billionen) or 20'000 billion Dollars. Add the debts of the 50 States, the towns, the counties and add the credits for credit cards (starting at the age of 16!!), the open leasing rates, hypo-debts only covered by a bubble of fantasy in the house market, plus all other indebtedness (Chapter 11, health care, old age funds etc.) in the USA. And now you can count. Result: around 200 trillion dollars or about one million dollars for each child, each clochard or Bill Gates of the USA !! Very funny, isn't it?

Who was financing this craziness, born first in the stupid head of Ronald Reagan and then in the one of George W. Bush? It is and was: The Europeans, the Chinese, Japanese, South Koreans, the Arabs and the Russians. They bought trillions of dollars of Treasury Bonds offered by George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Alan Greenspan, who wanted enrich the USA by lowering the tax charges for the richest people of their folks, voting for George W. and his crazy government. The value of these Bonds is shrinking from day to day, reaching already today a "value" of nearly zero. Yes, dear NZZ, dear SPIEGEL, dear DIE ZEIT, dear Herald Tribune, dear CNN and FOX-TV and dear New York Times; listen who are personally responsible for a criminal journalistic boulevard in the world media: Murdoch, Berlusconi, Springer, Disney, Bertelsmann, Ringier, Schawinski, and wake up, all stupid mass media of the world: This, in fact, is the final collapse of the United States of America. Remember Swissair? This company died under the burden of 15000 millions of Swiss Francs - but this fact was only understood by NZZ and the rest of the press when all planes were "grounded" in the year 2002. In all years before, these "genius" were blind and without any brain. Read and learn the lesson now: The USA is already broken down - and with this criminal nation will all stock exchanges, banks, insurance companies and old age funds of the whole world break down, in cascades, but without recall.

Is it actually so - or is here a liar at work? Wait and see. The future will give all the answers.

Now folks, this is all I have to tell you for the moment. Its great fun, isn't its? You will learn the lesson in the near future, the heavy way so, dear George W. Bush, you will, before your death, see the effect of your stupid treatment of (what you understand in your primitive brain) the "rest of the world". You will have to learn the philosophical maxim: The lived reality in this world is one thing - but your hollywoodesk fantasies, in the face of a declining power, is something else.

Rene Delavy 
Author of the philosophical German oeuvre "Power x Stupidity = Self destruction"

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