The Middle East and America

I want to thank the Moslems who wrote in commenting on my article While the US fights[sic] terrorism on the ground, US ISPs host "terrorist" web sites.  I hope I hear more from you. And, I mean that sincerely.

One reader asked that I publicly address a number of items – and it is appropriate that I do this.  The reader's list is rather long, and I will have to tackle each item on at a time – but don't worry I have the list and will keep it.

I am not speaking for the American government; I am speaking for Michael Berglin, and possibly a number of Americans who see that something is just not right.

My apology was given from me regarding an incorrect stance that I had taken previously. 

Something that has been a thrown in my craw is the occupied land in Israel.  In 1967, Israel was attacked and in the fighting drove deep into the land ceded to the Palestinians.  Israel has yet to withdraw.  Israeli settlers moved into the occupied lands and started building whole communities – on land that was not theirs to begin with.

Israel, rather than condemning the settlers and taking action to remove them, chose to protect the illegal settlements.  Now, a concrete wall is being erected cutting even deeper into Palestinian land. 

I will admit Israel does have a right to defend itself, BUT, on its land only – which now focuses the attention on what is happening in Gaza.  The Gaza strip was afforded to the Palestinians.  With US furnished planes and attack helicopters, Israel is fighting a war against civilians in a land that does not belong to them.

Both Sharon and Arafat are a couple of flakes who should not be in a position of leadership.  Each antagonizes the other just for fun, and ignoring the cost of human life. Each of them needs to look back at the partition plan of 1948 – period.

I think Israel needs to take a serious look at itself.  They are outraged when a suicide bomber takes out citizens.  But, Israel, how did you get the British out?  Who taught the Palestinians the art of bombing for cause?  Or do we need to pull out pictures of the King James Hotel just after it was bombed?   Personally, I think a war against citizens is morally wrong, but Israel is in no position to condemn the actions of radicals.

Sharon and Arafat just do not have the mental capacity to realize that each of them are adding to the misery and blood shed, but Sharon is bringing on most of this himself. 

Part of what is driving Moslem anger towards the US is America’s refusal to condemn Sharon and the occupation and the illegal settlements and the war against civilians.

Let us look through Moslem eyes for a moment.  They see a US that meddles in the affairs of other nations, topples governments, and a country that claims to be the bastion of freedom.  But a US that will not take a stand against Sharon.

They see America pump billions into Israel, but refuse to infuse the UN efforts to help give relief to the world’s poorest.

I too wonder what exactly is going on here. 

On Moslem reader wrote in and asked me what I meant when I said take the moral high ground.  Very simple, get your leaders to stand up in the UN and bring your cause there for the world to see.  I think you will be surprised.

Secondly, in Israel proper, please keep your actions against the military.  In the occupied lands, I cannot recommend anything and you will have to determine your course of action against the illegal settlements.  I know what I would do if someone decided to camp on my land without my permission.  Ask yourself why America has liberalized its gun laws – it is so we shoot a person who steps on our property.

Third, keep feeding journalists favorable to your cause with information – we can’t write it if we don’t know.

I also invite the Moslem press to use any of my essays and reprint at will. I gave you an article about the Depleted Uranium, The ISP issue, and now this article.  And there will be more articles coming.

If any Moslem journalist wants to communicate with me – I'd love it.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov