Mark: This war has no rules

PRAVDA.Ru article on on something the world needs to know should be read by everyone!  we are being attacked by just sitting back and waiting to see whatt happens next! It's time to go at the heart of it all and do what we got to do or what we seen in Russia will be nothing compared on what else is will happen. Im fortey and grew up thinking Russian were our enemy,I always knew if the worst were going to ever happen it was army againist army. Now this Muslim Terrorist actions going on in the name of Islam needs to be stopped before something happens,  If they are hiding in Mosques they know we wont do anything because its a Mosque, Things now we have to blow them and the Mosque to bits,THIS IS WAR there are no rules (as we see) in Russia and 9/11.and car bombing in Israel, If Countries like Us-Russia-Israel dont put a stop with no rules we will see more of the same. Michael Berglins article is right on.
This is just my opinion.
Mark from Wva USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova