Is there something the world needs to learn from the latest tragedy?

Can something good come from the deaths of all the innocent children who died? I think so.

I might have an optimistic point of view, but I think we can learn something constructive from the tragedy. Rather than outrage, let's look at what we have available to be learned.

Moslems will kill Moslems for sport. The Koran says that it is forbidden for Moslems to kill Moslems, but to heck with the Koran. If killing your own tickles your fancy, then do it. In fact, why not start a betting system like the horse races – list the odds and have running commentaries? “Folks, we’re in the straight away, Akmed and Abdul are neck and neck, Oh will you look at that, Akmed in a surprising move took out another 10 innocent people. Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t tell you just exciting this race is.”

It is better to be a live coward than being a martyr for Allah. Some of the hostage takers made a clean get away from the counter offensive. It sounds great telling people you are willing to die for Allah – makes great news headlines. Look at Arafat – first he rejects food sent in by the Israelis because it might be poisoned, but for Time magazine he has his pitiful toilet bowl like face plastered on the cover and a quote that says: “I want to become a Martyr”. The faster you can run away from your deed, the better you are, eh?

Moslems want to see the whole world a Moslem state, adhering to the teachings of Mohammed. Just look on any American street and you see the true workings of Allah in the Moslem women shedding their veils, skirt lines going up, and walking about without the required chaperone. Go to an electronics store and you see Moslems buying televisions, stereos, and buying CD’s. I never knew that Britany Spears was Moslem religious music. Britany’s chest size certainly must not be an affront to Allah – nor any other mortal man for that matter. Do such graven images come in 3D?

It is hard to tell the true Moslem from the Moslem whose sanity is lost somewhere in the shifting sands in the desert of cognitive thinking. Or more appropriately – one cannot tell the wheat from the chaff. Maybe it is high time we lumped them all onto one category based upon the least common denominator – that being the radical Moslem terrorist.

One thing I have noticed is that the murderous Moslems truly understand tit-for-tat. Hey, why don’t we take up the same tactics and place our demands – demands such as stop your killing or we will slag Mecca and Medina. We take one of their schools and lay out some demands.

We could start giving them the credit they deserve, let's call the program something catchy like Profiling. See one, and cast a weary eye…

We should also be sensitive to their views, and rather than affronting Allah in their minds, let us not force them into taking up residency in countries other than their own. Apologize, and give them a one way plane ticket back to their own country.
We should also take on the responsibility of helping them get back to the simple life. For every terrorist act, we reduce one of their cities to rubble – and they get their simple life unburdened by infrastructure, facilities and a whole lot of martyrs.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov