Joshua Williamson: Terrorists RESPONSE

Although I feel your pain and I myself would be a bit rattled if such a thing occurred anywhere near my home here in Washington, D.C.  Being far away from the entire “Chechnya” problem, persons can always have a different opinion.

My opinion which I’m sure doesn’t hold much weight since I don’t work within any international think tanks or hold any Doctorates degree’s in International whatever.  I have no race or religion, being 1/24th American mutt and Agnostic as well.

I do follow the Russian News from various online sources and message boards, and consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on the situation, at least from an American’s perspective and viewpoint.

Anyway, with that being said, I do believe undoubtedly that if your Russian Troops or soldiers were to change their classic Russian nature of “Win by force,” mentality.  If they would conduct themselves like professionals upon the streets of Grozny, and not like Nazi stormtroopers whisking all of the men folk away into night with wives and children screaming by the doorway, not returning for days having been tortured and sometimes killed.  This is not a falsity, but a truth that somehow the Muslim population of Russia are a lesser “breed” or scourge on society.

Yes, nobody condones hostage taking of children, or any terrorism acts, and I’m not saying my American forces are perfect either.  Just look at the whole prison scandal in Iraq.  The difference is, the news media and the people want to stop these unfair mistreatments from happening and articles like yours are encouraging it.  I encourage you to either publish a follow up to your last article, or at least clarify what “Heavily armed troops” would do once they, “comb every house in every village until these elements are identified and punished.” Which sounds more like an order from Joeseph Goebbels than a suggestion from a reporter.

Joshua Williamson
Washington, D.C.
Mr.  Graveline

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova