The western news sources keep using the expression "rebels".
I prefer the terms "bandits, terrorists" or even stronger words.
How to negotiate with such animals? How cowardly an act to target a school and to place MINES in the gymnasium, where the children should be playing and practising sport.

I think the Russian authorities have to send in 50.000 heavily armed troops into Chechnya, seal all the borders around the republic and comb every house in every village until these elements are identified and punished.

It is totally unacceptable to have attack after attack after attack. Look at what happened yesterday, at the doors of PRAVDA.Ru office!!! Imagine if one of our staff had been injured or killed!!

Totally unacceptable. I feel for all of you and pray to God that this horrific incident ends peacefully without anyone being killed.

Unfortunately, these bandits are often the sisters or brothers of terrorists killed by the authorities and so they are not exactly very balanced and on top of that many of them use heroin, so their brains are not very healthy either.

Now that they have barricaded themselves inside, the only possibility is to draw the incident out for as long as possible and negotiate the release of as many children as possible, exchanging children for food and water and so on.

Remember, such incidents in the past have been negotiated and there were no deaths, before the Nord-Ost. So there is some hope.

What is wrong with these people? To note, the subversive role of the United States of America in arming and training these pigs. I think that the sooner Moscow pays its debt to the international monetary fund, the better then it will be totally independent to do what it wants. I believe that Russia must arm herself strongly to be able to say to the USA NO!

What a horrible way to start the Day of Knowledge. The human being makes me sick sometimes.

Click here to see photos of the terrorist act in Ossetia

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova