Do not associate the US with these Godless animals RESPONSE to Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

First, my prayers are with the children and families caught in this terrible crisis in Beslan and for the families of all the others that have been affected by terrorism in recent days.
I sincerely support the Russian people in this trying time and hope and pray that the people of Russia can deliver, to these terrorist, great and terrible retribution for these abominable acts of terror.
However, I find it personally reprehensible that you would use this situation to falsely accuse the United States of backing these Godless animals. How dare you suggest that the United States has anything to do with these vermin in Beslan. In your article, you make excellent points about these ruthless thugs, but to try and associate the U.S. with these people is shameful. For three years now we in the U.S. have been fighting the likes of terrorism, and trying to tell others that they to are at risk of this great scourge. We fight it on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, we fight it with the help of our allies, both abroad and at home.We have been trying since September 11, 2001 to tell the world that these beasts have to be stopped by any means necessary. We, in the U.S., will fight terror anywhere it tries to infringe on freedom. If the Russian government needs our help we will gladly give it, and I would hope that if (and when) the U.S. needs Russian assistance, Russia would do the same. It's time to stop living in the "cold war" past, there is a different "storm on the horizon" and if we as nations, peoples and yes, allies don't prepare take action we will ALL surely drowned.
Christian Grow
Philadelphia, PA    USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova