Michael Berglin: True Quran does not advocate killing - My RESPONSE to Zena

Zena, I can appreciate your response to my opinion piece.  I spoke to the Muslim educator about the very topic that you bring up.  The true Quran - not the bastardized versions we find on the inter-net, does not advocate killing, etc.  I've worked with and had a number of Moslem friends -  none of the hostilities were ever there.  They know I am Jewish, and I know they are Moslems.  We do nice things for each other and have no problems.  We have strong relationships. 
There are though, bastardized versions of the Koran/Quran, which advocate killing, etc.  These are NOT the writings of Mohammed.
The Islamic Terrorists are not Moslems.  They are psycho bred wacho's who choose to misrepersent the Islamic faith - we cannot judge the Roman Catholic Church by the actions of Hitler, can we?  But Hitler, Germany, and Austria were strong Roman Catholics.  Hitler even talked about killing Jews for God, etc.
We need to separate wachos from true religious people.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova