Islamic group takes responsibility for the crashes

Why do the news of traces of explosives and an Islamic group taking responsibility for the two Russian aircraft crashes not surprise me?
I suspected as such from the very first because there was no other logical reasons for the crashes.  Clearly, the trademark of terrorists was evident. 

I spoke to Moslem educator here in the US and he tells me this type of action is not, I repeat, is not according to the will of Allah.  So let us knock off this use of the word Islamic alright?  Why defame a religion you know nothing about.  

Those who did this are not warriors, they are vermin.  They are beneath cowards, for cowards admit that they are who they are. 

You, who did this, discredit yourselves, your family, and you defile the name of Allah.  You are not fighters, for a fighter would stand in the open and show his/her face.  You choose to kill innocent people and hide behind a mask and a cause that you claim is holy. 

You are not Moslems; you are less that the lowest dog scrounging through the dumps.  It is you who will bring war against those who practice Islam because you are creating the perception that all Moslems are ugly people.   

Be honest with yourself, you kill because you enjoy killing.  When a country such as Israel strikes at you, you wail and moan.  You cry in front of the television cameras asking Why Us.  But underneath, you are your own worst enemy invoking your own demise.  You kill for enjoyment and weep when a country, a people, kills you in self defense.   

Allah does not hold you in esteem, he holds you in contempt.  

Perhaps it is time for a republication of the Satanic Verses.  The book exposed you for what your really are. 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova