D. Slavovich Ratz: Politics along religious lines

Regarding the collision of Western and Eastern civilizations article.  The
Coalition of the Willing is USA (Protestant Majority), Britain (also Protestant), Iceland (91.2% Protestant), Norway (over 86%, note: state church is
Protestant), Netherlands (Protestant again), Denmark (over 95%), Australia (largest group: Protestants), and New Zealand (most are Protestants).  Canada has mixed Christian groups of Catholics (46%) and Protestants (36%), and Canadians' policy clearly illustrated this dividedness with it's flip-flop stance of to go in, or not to invade Iraq, eventually being left out of the Coalition, but still
on the sidelines with it's "aid" (financial).

The Opposition is Germany (with population of 34% Catholic, and surprisingly
34% Protestant), France (Catholics 83-88%, Protestants only 2%), Belgium (75%
Catholic), Spain (94% Catholic, left the Coalition after government that went
against public's anti-war stance was ousted).  Italy (Predominately Catholic,
with public against the invasion ("as many as half a million people marched"
just through Rome against invasion in April 12-13 2003), but Italians have yet
to vote out it's government, and as such part of the Coalition).

Other less outspoken countries that would not take part in the invasion are:
Ireland (91.6% Catholic), Switzerland (Largest group: Catholics, but also
generally very neutral), and Austria (Catholics 74%, Protestants 5%).  Sweden (87%
Protestant) advocated war against Iraq, then retracted it's statement after
being isolated from UN support, but still Sweden supplies the Coalition with
arms (Constitutional breach might be involved).

Beyond the Atlantic Ocean Catholic stance is clear and consistent: against
invading Iraq.  Those opposed are Brazil (around 80% Catholic), Argentina (about
92% Catholic, 2% Protestant), Mexico (89% Catholic), Chile (89%), Uruguay
(66%, Protestants 2%), Paraguay (90%), Bolivia (95% Catholic), Peru (90%),
Ecuador (95%), French Guiana (Catholic), Suriname (Predominantly Hindu), Guyana (50%
Christian Mixed, and 35% Hindu), Venezuela (96% Catholic), Panama (85%), and
Belize with predominately Catholic population. 

Colombia that is going through a civil war, and the side supported (literally
with supplies, helicopters) by United States, that side is part of the
Coalition.  Also Dominican Republic (Island), El Salvador (smaller than Costa Rica),
Nicaragua (where Americans sponsored a side in civil war), the military might
of Costa Rica, and Honduras were / are in the Coalition of the Willing, at
least until Honduras announced after March that it's pulling out.

I should also mention that four countries with Protestants (predominately)
are not part of the Coalition.  They are Greenland (Population: 56,384), South
Africa (possibly Protestant), Finland (long known for being neutral, not even a
NATO member), and Papua new Guinea out in the pacific!  Thank you to CIA for
data that is made available at their website, some of that data is included in my letter.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova