The collision of Western and Eastern civilizations to result in greatest confrontation

The military and economic predominance of the West will make Islamic states consolidate in front of the imminent danger

Michelangelo used to say: ordinary mortals are unable to realize the harmony of the world, because they do not know, why they come into this life. This saying is a perfect characteristics to people, who try to prove their political or religious rightfulness. People are used to referring and citing their own laws, constitutions and holy writs in the endeavor to justify their actions and deeds.

Unlike written laws, holy books stand out for their authors' wisdom, which a limited human mind can hardly grasp. Someone finds a lot of contradictions there; others find answers to important questions. These books are based on the supreme mind, which is not open to everyone.

The tragedy of September 11th made the whole Western world look eastwards in a different way. Tremendous terrorist attacks made Western people think about the danger of religious hostility. Nowadays there is a problem of the integration of Islam and Christianity in the system of Western spiritual values and vice versa.

History shows that voluntary integration has no chances to happen. The power of weapon has always been the major tool to achieve such results. Yet, looking at history from a different angle makes it easy to understand that expansions were very important to raise spirituality and unite the oppressed nations, which further contributed to ousting invaders.

The current expansion of Western economic, political and religious values to the East will definitely lead to confrontations. Taking into consideration the military and economic predominance of the West, it will make Islamic states consolidate in front of the imminent danger.

The war in Iraq, Palestine and Chechnya will bring something worse than simply economic difficulties. Wars will eventually destroy the common sense and reason. Dozens of countries find themselves involved in the uncontrollable war with terrorism, although they do not understand the true consequences.

The Muslim world interprets the collision of civilizations as the economic and cultural expansion of the West, of the USA first and foremost. The up-to-date Islamic fundamentalism is simply a reaction of the Muslim world to the intrusion of cultural and moral values of the West, to the 'westernization' of the Muslim life. The economic and social disparity is also considered a result of the Western incursion in the East.

A lot of people admired the image of the Western democracy before, although they have to change their viewpoints now. One may explain it with a violent reduction of the spiritual potential, the passive attitude of the West towards the countries, where human rights are violated on daily basis, to put it mildly. Does it mean that the USA and Europe pursue their own interests? Do they struggle for highest human values called democracy and human rights?

American and European leaders have proclaimed their support of democracy and human rights. On the other hand, they take the side of any authoritarian regime, if it has something to do with their interests. The Pope has recently expressed his concern about it in his address to the American nation. The Pope noted the USA was in great danger like never before.

Egyptian analyst Muhammad Sid Ahmed believes Islam is not perceived as religion only since the collapse of communism, it is also an ideology to oppose the domination of the West. The current opposition between the East and the West has become an immunity of our civilization in front of a fatal disease. It is the greatest danger for the entire planet. Modern television propagandizes occultism (horoscopes, magic), nude women are widespread in advertising and movies, numerous reality shows teach how to survive at other people's expense. All these things are absolutely unacceptable and revolting for the faithful.

The consumption, the struggle for survival, indifference to other people's problems, addiction to drugs and alcohol – these are just a few priorities of the modern world. The mankind is slowly erasing the key difference between animals and human beings.

Yaras Valukenas

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Author`s name Olga Savka