Sameer: Chinese emigrants to conquer Russia RESPONSE

Dear Sir,

This is in response to the letter by Andy D on Chinese emigrants.
I wish to bring out the typical American/British neo nazi and xenophobic and anti emmigrant feeling prevalant, which is quite dangerous in today's world, which calls for universal brotherhood and mutual trust especially in alarming world situations like terrorism, pollution, spread of new diseases like AIDS, SARS etc.

It is this xenophobia and illtolerance that led to a great catastrophy (World war II, Jews0 and also spreads ignorance (Like how many americans believed the lies spread by Dubya and his cronies).

People should be advocating betterment of human life and not crib about people coming and 'encroaching' their lands.

Didnt the british exploit countries, didnt americans buy slaves from portuguese and spanish traders?

Didnt they create the world of haves and have nots and continue to do so with their economic policies and continue to gag the international voice by their economic and millitary power?

And his message brings out the uncertainity and fear of internationalism and also the false racial superiority (Nazi like) and intolerance towards other religions (his degratory reference to Muslims and Hindus).

Andy should be proud that the so called 'emmigrants' are the ones who made his country a world power, yes its the emmigrants' brians (Indian, Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese, Arab) which helps it make strides into newer and newer technologies.

Its good that Russia is not such a closed and cold country [I dont mean tempereature :-)] and also that Russia along with France opposed the illegal invaision of Iraq. (Which is a result of ignorance and xenophobia, Greed and petroleum ofcourse)

Let Russia not be a bad example of such intolerance, let Russia have the same outlook towards internationalism as former USSR. Let Russia be the spearhead of human face of the world. Of course Russian needs to check illegal immigrants but not restrict the flow of people and talent and be a true representative of the Globalised world.

Junior member,

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva