Andy D: Chinese emigrants to conquer Russia RESPONSE

Dear Editor:
The Russian people led by their government must stop at all costs the flow of Chinese into Russia. It is a catastrophe in the making  if you don't. The Chinese are very aggressive and breed like rats. Their women like Muslim and Hindu women are baby machines. Keep one thing in mind, in recent years Chinese couples have been committing infanticide of females on a huge scale resulting in a huge male to female gab. Millions of men can't find female partners which means that they must go elsewhere. Where though? North America and Russia. British Columbia on the west coast of Canada now has a huge and threatening Chinese and Asian population as does California in the US. As the Chinese and other Asians push and shove themselves into our societies, they by their tremendous fecundity will replace us and our civilization. Before that happens though, we will have bloody race wars. Everybody will be struggling to survive.
How many wars do we have over food and resources right now? Many. Malaysia is now expelling a million illegal immigrants, we must do the same. Matters will only get worse. Within 20 years the US will not be exporting grains to the rest of the world. We will be facing mass starvation and diseases of all sorts. Highly efficient microbial bioweapons, AIDS being one of them, are being released around the world to cull out the weak and sickly. I am convinced that a deadly variant of the 1918 flu will soon be released from some secret bioweapon lab.
It will take far sighted and tough Russian leaders, hopefully president Putin is one of them, to stem this flow of Chinese onto Russian soil. The demographics in North America are totally against the white population. Powerful self-serving interest groups have made it so. Whites are approximately 9% of the world's population and shrinking. The hand writing is on the wall, whites we are facing genetic genocide. If we stand together, we may yet survive.
Andy D.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova