Pull down the wall RESPONSE

Dear Editor,
one can't help suspect that Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey is paid a handsome sum for writing rubbish by his Arab/Muslim masters. 

All the mainstream media, from NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, BBC (the biggest liar) are inclined to either overreport on Israel (it stems from an insane jealousy that a tiny jewish state has achieved in 50 years  what took the others 150 years )  or by reporting incomplete facts, providing selective historical background, completely omitting vital and relevant news of the actual situation with the sole aim of distracting its readers with its anti-israel bias.
Timothy would do well to log on to frontpagemag.com and read an article entitled:  "Former Terrorist Speaks"  - the actual story of Palestine, the murderous terrorist Arafat before he insults his readers with his hate. The man's rabid.
Zena Kelso

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova