Pull the wall down, now!!

Israel faces international condemnation for Apartheid policy

Israel's wall of shame, built on illegally occupied territory to physically  separate Palestinian communities from illegal Israeli settlements, has been condemned by the World Court ruling and now by the United Nations, which demands that it should be dismantled.

The UN General Assembly voted by 150 votes to 6 (Israel, the USA, Australia,
the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau) for the wall to be torn down, backing up the World Court ruling earlier this month which stated that it is illegal.

Israel claims that the wall keeps terrorist cells from crossing into Jewish settlements, while the Palestinians, who took the measure for censorship to the UNO, see it as an intrusion against their nationhood on their own lands, which anyway are illegally occupied by Israel.

Were this wall built on Israeli territory with the purpose of keeping terrorists out of Israel, it would be Tel Aviv's right because every nation has the right to defend itself. However, how can there be any justification for building the wall of foreign soil, on territory which does not belong to Israel, and which never will under international law, with the purpose of protecting Jewish settlements which are anyway illegally occupying the lands they have stolen?

If Israel continues to defy international law, it runs the risk of isolating itself from world public opinion, a mistake that the Bush regime has managed to commit in just four years and instead of stemming terrorist attacks, will only make terrorists more and more determined to resist what is seen to be, and what is, illegal occupation of territory stolen from the Palestinians.

If Israel continues its policy of arrogance and provocation, this Apartheid wall may well become Israel's second Wailing Wall.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov