Godfred Louis-Jensen: Washington makes and breaks the law RESPONSE

I have but a minor comment to Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey's excellent article on how "Washington makes and breaks the law" (The world's greatest travesty of justice, 07/14/2004 13:26), which is, that Milosevic in fact was kidnapped illegally from Serbia in 2001 (not in the year 2000, as incorrectly suggested by Mr. Bancroft-Hinchey).

So it is 'but' 3 years by now! President Milosevic was presented for the late Judge Richard May and his henchmen on 3 July 2001 (however if that seems to some - including to mr. Milosevic? Like four years ago, I would understand that, of course).

My point however is, that Mr. Milosevic has all along impressed us with an unrivalled sense for precise details, as combined with an equally impressive overview - and I suggest, that we owe to mr. Milosevic to be to the point as well.

Details do matter in fact.

Let me give an example: An editorial in the Danish daily POLITIKEN, to which I have made a comment above, and even given a link for "dem, som taler og forstеr dansk", have in fact a title very similar to that of Bancroft-Hinchey's article, stressing, that it is "all a travesty" (en parodi).

But what makes "Milosevic's case" a travesty to the Danish POLITIKEN is rather different, namely that the whole "trial" has been "delayed", - something which the POLITIKEN ascribes to mr. Milosevic and his ill-health.

That is nonsense: The facts are, that Carla del Ponte, the hapless mr. Geoffrey Nice and their lot spend some 310 trial days on almost as many witnesses for their hopeless case. I have counted the "trial days" myself, and I believe that I am not mistaken: Given holidays and regular other breaks as well, it is hard to see how the ICTY could have gone through their case, the Prosecutors case in less time - unless they had reduced the number of useless witnesses.

They didn't - and they must take full responsibility for their "delay" of the socalled "trial", - which is hard on taxpayers, but hardest of course on Mr. Milosevic and his courageous little group of legal assistants.

The 150 "trial days" that Mr. Milosevic has been granted for his "Defence case" constitute less than half of what was vainly spend by the Prosecutors - if again I am not mistaken. But Danish media nevertheless "maintain", that mr. Milosevic has been given a share of time equal with that  incompetent Mrs. Carla del Ponte.

He has not.

When it is possible for "our media" to repeat and even develop their nonsense, it is (partly) because there is simply too much "info", too many loose "opinions" floating around - some alвs originating from ourselves (as demonstrated above).

Godfred Louis-Jensen, architect

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova