The world's greatest travesty of justice

How Washington makes and breaks the law

A sick, elderly, frail man sits in court, his face flushed due to high blood pressure and the injustice of the last four years, as he strives to defend himself against the crimes he is accused of by a kangaroo court which is not recognized by the USA and which is derided by Israel as having no jurisdiction.

The frail figure is currently too ill to stand in court, his heart and blood pressure telling a sorry tale of the constant stress he is under, after sweeping to victory in his country's first post-war democratic elections in 1990 and again in 1992, and after launching an attempt to quell the violence in the traditionally explosive region around his country.

Slobodan Milosevic, the frail man in the Hague, was kidnapped illegally from Serbia in 2000, after a fraction of the Yugoslav cabinet rushed through "legislation" which had no validity whatsoever under Serbian or Yugoslav Federal Law. At the very least, he should be returned to Belgrade for extradition procedures to begin.

However, given that he has been held for four years illegally, there is an indemnity to be paid and it would be right to demand that this wrong be righted before the case continues. Otherwise, international justice can be seen to be based on a false fundamental: kidnapping and illegal detention occasioning actual bodily harm.

Milosevic's attempts to stop the fighting in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo were thwarted by an intrusive western world, which first armed and trained the Croatian Army to fight against and massacre Serb civilians, then aided and abetted Al Qaeda and the Albanian terrorists to infiltrate Bosnia and Kosovo. Milosevic's big crime was that he tried to fight against the wrong terrorists, when Bin Laden and the USA were fighting on the same side.

A detail he forgot to notice.

When NATO (the puppet of Washington) decides that a terrorist group is an organization that fights for freedom, anything which fights against this is classified as a pariah. Therefore the Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves, the Kosovo Liberation Army, as shady an organization that ever existed, one which makes the Italian Mafia look like a gaggle of grandmothers, had the blessing of Washington as its leaders, hardened murderers, drugs and arms traffickers, were wined and dined on Capitol Hill, which by proxy and through them controlled the heroin trade through Turkey into Europe. The only piece of the puzzle missing was Afghanistan.

No mention was made that the terrified Albanians fleeing Kosovo and running towards Serbia were escaping from the KLA, not the Serbs. No mention of the screaming girls hurling themselves into the arms of the Yugoslav Federal Army in relief, as they escaped gang rapes by Albanian terrorists.

No mention of the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by NATO,
which strafed trains full of civilians, buildings, schools, buses, killing hundreds of innocent people.

No. It was much easier to blame one man, isolate him and kidnap him, hold him in detention illegally and then trump up a myriad of charges against him which everyone knows he did not commit. This was Clinton's Freedom and Democracy. As for Bush's, well, recent history speaks for itself.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov