D Slavovich Ratz: Putin's popularity rating is falling RESPONSE

Citizens representative of Russian Government are beaten while defendants. 
Russian government workers responsible for collecting information for counteracting international terrorism are denied sleep in foreign confinement.  Russian services men legally staying in Qatar get dogs set on them  several  times as they are imprisoned for doing their job!  Where is our Duma??!  Where are people we put into office??

Qatar authorities did not even bother to immediately inform Russian Embassy about arresting our people "with diplomatic immunity".  Why should they?  They harbored a known terrorist Zelimkhan Yandarbiev counter to UN Chapter, violated international obligations on fighting terrorism!  We have countries like Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates carving our territory officially and assigning it to a designated terrorist group Ichkeria!  So why would our congress care about life imprisonment for our people where their only "crime" is serving our country?  Imprisoned in a country less than one one-thousandth the size of ours, country without any military alliances, and yet with all this our Duma goes silent.  Why?!

European Union is dependent on oil.  We export the oil!  Around 80% of our exports are natural resources!!  They are in no position to sanction us for defending ourselves.  Not because we are correct (which we clearly are), but because they just can't.  Syrians wanted to buy S-300 anti-shield system, and legally under international law Russia is able to sell it to them, but we haven't. 

S-300 is as advanced as conventional weapons go in terms of stopping incoming missiles short of using nuclear weapons detonations.  Russians are able to decline "American invading privileges" by selling this to countries.  Americans have a saying for this, Russia has America "by the balls".  So clearly no sanctions here either.  Other countries actually want to see more Russian influence.  So what's stopping us?

I remember recently reading about some economic agreement with Qatar.  Are United Russia Duma deputies on the take?  How much do our own people go for now a days?  I don't care what's the reason.  If they got manhood cancer and got it amputated, or are filthy bribe taking scum, it does not matter.  I'm coming over to the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (at least they have the guts to talk about issues), but not to Zhirinovsky, at least not yet.  For now I'm with the 49 percenters with Fradkov / Putin, but close to the border line.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova