Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

“Assassination of Yandarbiev is not in the style of Russian special services”.

In Qatar capital Doha the legal hearing is in progress on accusations of the two Russians of assassinating former Chechen leader Zelimkhan Yandarbiev.
The court building is encircled by the policemen, all the entries to the building are blocked, 50 soldiers with machine-guns are standing along the fence.

The to defendants were brought to the hearing room handcuffed to the policemen.

”One of the defendants does not look well”, said a reporter of Russian REN-TV Channel. “He looks exhausted. The second man looks better”. 

Lawyer of the Russian defendants said that he had found no evidence of their involvement in the assassination of Yandarbiev in the criminal case materials.

According to the lawyer, Qatar authorities violated the law: “they beat the defendants, did not allow them to sleep, set dogs on them several times”. The lawyer said that torturing people during the investigation is against the law. Earlier the Washington Post and the Times wrote that the Russians had admitted their guilt and gave the names of their bosses who had sent them to the assignment.

The lawyers are protesting against the circumstances of the arrest of Russians as well. The two Russians were arrested at the diplomatic villa which is ex-territorial zone, and therefore the police arrested the two men against the law.

One of the former Mossad servicemen said in a Novye Izvestia interview that the liquidation of Yandarbiev does not look like the style of work of Russian special services.

"One of two”, said the man who asked to call him Leo. “Either Russian special services absolutely lost their qualification or this was not their deed”.  

Source: Russian and foreign mass media

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