Andy D: Bush should be charged for war crimes

Dear Editor:
I agree with the opinion that Bush, Blair and their military, political and financial accomplices should be charged for war crimes of the most heinous nature. They are, by any measure, the most evil of men. Men without a conscience. They are the monsters of the 21st century! Why? Because they did not hesitate to use nuclear weapons in the form of depleted uranium (DU) on the innocent populations of Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq and did so on a massive scale. The disastrous ecological and genetic repercussions of these evil acts will last forever as DU remains radioactive for billions of years. On the former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's web site you can witness the horrific genetic damage done to Iraqis from the first Gulf war of 1991. DU destroys DNA and kills by stealth. Will the populations of these countries survive into the future? Does anyone have an answer? What about all those dumb coalition troops?
Intellectually challenged Bush would never have initiated a war on Afghanistan and Iraq if he wasn't prodded to do so by the international bankers who engaged the US in a proxy war for resources and geopolitical reasons. They may have over estimated the ability of the US to achieve the bankers' objectives. Iraq is not yet conqured. The world is awash in paper currencies. They won't buy so much as loaf of bread if people perceive them a worthless. If the US controls Middle East oil, the US dollar will continue as a reserve currency. And if not, then the dollar collapses. These wars are always about power and money and resources. And of course the brunt of the dying is always among the civilian populations.
Andy D

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova