D Slavovich Ratz: Triumphant vengeance RESPONSE

Mr. Alexander Zinoview, have you looked at the map lately?  You've mentioned their aim "was" to reduce Russia down to a position we'll "never" rise to "great superpower."  Russia is 77.3% larger than the United States of America in terms of area.  If you add non-Russian Europe (Ukraine and Belarus included) & Turkey to all the 50 United States of America they would still be short of Russia by 660,790 square kilometers!  Then if that's not enough there's Kazakhstan with 30% Russians, the size of Western Europe.  We are "THE" superpower. 

American leadership of the Western World crumbled (Just look at Germany, France...).  At least we have resources on our side.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova