Charles Fargo: Losing rights and freedoms

Reading an article in the PRAVDA.Ru, on Americans losing their freedoms, by Donald Norell. In that article, I find the the key issues surrounding the Home Security Act. are becoming insurmountable.  I do not find it appalling that a teachers aid was re-arrested by federal law enforcement, as the marshmallow terrorist of Yellowstone National Park.  Claiming her fine went un-paid.  The incident taking place in Miami, Florida, where the woman returned from a cruise vacation.

In continuing my viewpoint on this ladies rights and vacation parade being pee-ed up on by over zealous law enforcement, in which did not fully investigate the circumstances. When the person paid her fine for terrorizing the Yellowstone resident bears with a bag of marshmallows. This leaves me to ponder if they used the new system used in Florida called MATRIX (Multi-state Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange).  In which MATRIX is capable of displaying all of a citizens private information, including criminal records if any along with convictions, in locating the marshmallow terrorist.

This new system greatly eases law enforcement investigations over current methods.  Yet less then twenty states use this new system.  Some of those states are considering discontinuing use due to ones privatecy can be violated with the system.  May states refuse to use it due to it will invade
a private citizens personal information.  MATRIX is funded by federal money and operated by a private company named Seisint Inc.  To include one of its corporate heads left that company due to a prior feloney conviction that was found.

Which is not surprising, is the fact that The States of Texas where George W Bush formerly governed that state and Florida where Zeb Bush, brother of George W. governs currently.  Both of these states Utilize The new MATRIX system. ( Hmmmm)- Such a system. To benifit The workings of.- The Home Security Act.  May I ask this. Just what are these systems protecting whom from what?   May I ask whom really benifits from home security and MATRIX?

Whith these type of systems in operation for government use.  It is of my opinion that my rights of freedom and private life are no longer there for myself and fellow American citizens.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova