Donald Norell: Americans are losing their freedom

Dear Editor,

I was NOT shocked to read this article in the USA.  The Home Land Security Act (The Witch Hunt Act) is being used to deprive every American of their constitutional right to freedom, liberty and justice.  Here is proof that every American will be treated equally under the law, whether it be for marshmallows or murder, crime is crime, and every offense will be logged in the anti-terrorist databank.

In the article, below, a woman got arrested on her cruise vacation by customs authorities, who said that she didn't pay her $50 fine for leaving marshmallows on a park bench in a National Park.  This is the best example, I have seen to date, how the new security laws are being implemented by the big government to control every movement of every citizen who does not follow the "Rule of Law".  Forget about liberty and justice for all, this exist only on paper and in the minds of some freedom loving people who hope it will return again.

Last year, I went on a Caribbean Cruise, which started in Fort Lauderdale.  Every passenger was finger printed, photographed and checked by the police.  Security personnel led at least two passengers off the ship, because maybe they didn't pay their parking fine.  Upon returning from the Cruise, the tough security screening began again.  I began asking all the Americans standing in line, why they don't protest about this flagrant violation of their rights to liberty and the disappearance of their freedom.  Most just said, "Well that's the way it is.  We have to live with it."   With this attitude Americans will lose all their freedom by the time it is too late to do anything to save it.

The ships security personnel finally asked me to get out of line and leave the building, so that they could continue their witch hunt. 

Donald Norell
Neckarsulm, Germany

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova