George Person: Who is cheating whom RESPONSE

If a tree falls in the Forrest and there's nobody there to hear the tree fall, then did the tree make a sound?! 
It makes no difference what Pres. Putin said about Saddam's post 9-11 terrorist intentions , when Pres. Putin said anything about Saddam's terrorist intentions, or if Putin initially said anything about Saddam's terrorist intentions to the Bush Administration - the only thing that matters is Putin officially said to the world and the American people that Saddam had very serious terrorist intentions for these here United States of America....
The mere fact that the Russians have said what they've said about Saddam's intentions is good enough...they have seriously deflated the Democrats attack on the Bush Administration - and deflected alto of heat for Pres.  Bush----over the war in Iraq.
The one thing about Revelations and sooth seeing and the sort, of what's going to happen, when it comes to terrorism in the future, is very fundamental.....if you can't give Bush a name , date, telephone number , license plate, finger print, DNA or anything else of a specific nature, you could be Moses, Elijah and Jesus and they will still ignore you.....
Thanks for doing an end run and laying it on the line about the dangerous Saddam've done a great service to the world....even if you don't get the satisfaction you deserve.....officially, your mighty falling tree has been heard loud and clear......
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova