Putin claims Bush was personally informed

After the events of September 11th and prior to the military operations in Iraq Russian special services were informed several times about the fact that official body of Saddam regime was planning terrorist acts in the United States and beyond the country's borders, stated Russian president Vladimir Putin Friday.

“Information concerning the fact that Hussein's regime has been planning terrorist acts is one thing. However, we did not possess any information proving their connection to any other terrorist attack,” said the president.

According to him, our American colleagues have been supplied with this information, reports RIA “Novosti”. “American president George Bush had an opportunity…to personally thank head of one of the Russian special services for this information, which he regarded as very important,” stated Russian president.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin confirmed the well-known Russia's position in regards to the US military operations in Iraq. Russia's position in regards to the war in Iraq has not changed, said the president during a press-conference in Astan.

When asked whether actions of the United States against Iraq were necessary, Putin said the following: “I do not know. This is a separate subject."