Point-X: Regarding Bob Wakid's comments on Reagan's "Evil Empire"


No wonder reaganites are are so loyal to each other, they all carry the same message forward without the benefit of truth.

America IS an Evil Empire and it is growing each and every single day. Your reply said America never had a Joseph Stalin as the USSR did and in this you are WRONG. America was formed by slaughtering ALL the Indians we could, America was formed on the backs of the SLAVES we took from their lands in Haiti and beyond and murdered by the thousands. Dear ole
Christopher Columbus used to cut off the hands of the Haitians that failed to bring him gold to load his ship with. America was created on stolen ground.

You said we rebuilt western europe with TAX dollars. What you should have said was American businesses reconstructed an infrastructure where they could set up factories and use the local labor as slaves and YOUR tax dollars funded that project. American tax dollars built stores and markets and shops where they could push their products. They built facilities where America could exploit the local natural resources. Some day, not too far in the future I think, all the People of the other
countries will re-consider the arraingments they have regarding their natural resources. America is exploiting them and depleting them very fast.

You said we still have a military in Germany, "a military they don't pay for". You really are blind here, aren't you? America has a military in nearly every country that MIGHT take a stand against it. These bases all around the planet that we maintain are called FORWARD RAPID DEPLOYMENT FACILITIES. EMPIRE! We are not there to provide Germany with any protection, they would not need it anyway as you may have forgotten they damn near took over the whole of the continent. America has bases only in places there are natural resources to acquire or there is a competitor for those limited natural resources.

You said "Reagonomics means supply side economics". This whole myth your type keeps chanting like you are all in a trance is the part of your insanity that bothers me the most. Tax breaks for the rich DO NOT mean they will spend more money in business. It has never worked and with the greedy bastards running most of our businesses all we got out of
Reagan's name on other peoples plan was our businesses are moving offshore as damn fast as they can. To places where the people are poor and can be paid less then a dollar a day in someplaces. This is called exploitation. And now with junior running the show, he has just sold the farm and allowed businesses to either import cheap labor and cause the largest wage reduction movement in history or to move offshore. Even if someone goes to another county and does their dirty work and their environmental dumping, it will eventually effect you as this is a tiny planet. You should very carefully note, even though there has been some increases in job creation, people are living longer, are being forced onto social security later, more people are born every day then die, and there is still mass immigration now thanks to Bush's immigration plan to
"put any willing employee with any willing employer", We are STILL a MILLION jobs short of where we were when Bush took office.

As for your belief that lowering taxes creates MORE tax revenue, lowering the taxes on the rich REDUCES tax revenue
period, coupled with under funded presidential initiatives. What the lowering of taxes has done every time is create a monster deficit that right now this time has all the other countries worried.

You go on to say "SDI ... is good"  You are 100% wrong on the technological advances statement. MOST technological advances came from other countries making them and our feeling left behind. For instance, we were last in space! For instance, we were last with automobiles, for instance, we were last with communications, for instance we were last with cell phones.  And on and on and on... America is so preoccupied with the Title it has become Fat and Lazy. You think missile defense is good because it can protect us from Terrorists? Are you nuts? What terrorist has a ballistic missile system? You also must not have read anything since Reagan's time. The whole theory of a missile helping prevent a asteroid attack has time and again been proven impossible. All missile defense has done is create missiles.

Last but not least, your quote at the end, was spoken by Harry S. Truman "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."  Harry S Truman (1884 - 1972)

Bob, go get a few books, get yourself out from in front of the mind control machine called television, and actually read for yourself and Bob, reading only the books that you agree with make you one sided.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova