Bob Wakid: Ronald Reagan's "Evil Empire" RESPONSE

Dear Mr. Bubnov,

As an American citizen, I would like to comment on your article entitled "Ronald Reagan, The Evil Empire". First of all, I can understand why you would feel upset with the term "Evil Empire", but I don't think the former Soviet Union can be held in the same light as the USA. We never had a Joseph Stalin who murdered million of his own citizens. We rebuilt Western Europe with our tax dollars, and though we still have a military presence (in Germany), we do not controll their government. We are there providing them a military they don't have to pay for. Most Americans would like us to leave Europe.

Reaganomics means supply side economics. In other words, if you lower taxes, the wealthier people will spend there money or invest in businesses providing jobs and income for the poorer people. It also assumes that the government is inherently wastefull. That was one of the major downfalls of the Soviet Union. If you look at our history objectively (see the yearly almanacs), every time the USA lowers taxes, it takes in more tax revenue. Your in good company because many American liberals feel supply side economics does not work. Check the objective facts. (not the New York Times).

SDI is controversial even in this country. I think it is a good idea for 3 reasons:

1. Most of our technilogical advances have occured indirectly from military research.

2. Missle defense can help protect us in the future from terrorist.

3. Missle defense could help protect the world from outer space disasters such as asteroids.

In the words of Ron Reagan, "You can aclomplish anything you want to if you don't care who gets the credit".

Bob Wakid, USA, Pravda Reader

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova