George Person: "Which way will the wind blow the flag?!"

Response to the Article

The question now in regards to Estonia symbolically dismantling the last vestiges of the Soviet era by removing a monument of an Estonian General and replacing it with the flag of Estonia is, "Which way will the wind blow the flag?!”

Will it be from East to West or West to East?!" We all know that the little guy just can't stand the neighborhood bully, which is the reputation Russia got when a lot of Estonians were hauled off to a labor camp in the middle of the Siberian no man's land-- a number which far exceeded that of Nazi Germany?! Can Russia let a spiritual invoice like that really stay on the books?!
The fire of national pride will always burn hot, becoming the blue flame deep within the dream which keeps the spirit alive notwithstanding the weight of unbearable oppression upon the existentialism of the Estonian peoples.
Will the Russians see and appreciate this great poetry, or will the gap between what is written upon the heart and what is said be to indecipherable for the leadership of Russia to comprehend, leaving the job to poets and teachers in reaching out and seeing the poetry of  Russia's neighbors, in the enrichment of the soul, and reconciliation  of the past where a small nation's identity truly emerges at last......
George Person

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov