Estonia is going to dismantle the monument to Russian general

The monument to Soviet general Lembit Pyarn, Estonian by nationality, who was liberating Estonia from fascist occupants, will be replaced with the flag of Estonia.
The monument is located in village Vokhnya of Lyazne-Virussky district, near the school. School principal Malle Roiman said that "our school teaches patriotism, not Communism”. The monument will be handed to the Museum of Occupations in Estonian capital Tallinn.

The monument will be replaced by Estonian flag on June 12 in commemoration of 120th anniversary of state flag of Estonia.

The monument to Soviet general Lembit Pyarn was erected in this place 21 years ago as collective farm (kolkhoz) named after the general had been organized in the village. The general was born in Russia in 1903 and died in Moscow in 1976, but his grandfather lived in the area.

During the World War II Lembit Payrn was the Commander of Estonian Infantry Brigade of the Soviet Army. After the war he was the Commander of the military in Estonian republic.

Later he was dismissed because he supported the idea of having Estonian national Army, and was transferred to Moscow to serve in the General Staff of the Soviet Army.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova