Boris Tiraspolsky: "Debts Against the United States".

Dear Mr. G Walter Boucher:

Thank you for your comments related to my information "Debts Against the United States". 

You are right the term "Confederate Army" is more often used to identify the Army of the Southern States during the Civil War. However, I called "confederate" the American Army or rather State Militia which was formed and called during 1766-1783 by using the specific Code from the US Constitution: Article IV: “All Debts contracted and Engagements entered before the Adoption of this Constitution shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution as under the Confederation." Therefore, saying "Confederate Army" in the context of my information can't be considered a mistake, whatsoever. 

About the term "unspecified amounts" in my information. It is hard to believe for any American, but all the Russian loans given to the Confederation and later to the United States in the duration of 150 years were given as no-interest loans. And the term "unspecified amounts" used in my information is a "soft" term in order to avoid a geometrical progression of growth that would make all these Debts against the United States practically impossible to pay off.

Technically speaking, the United States cannot return in full all Debts to a Legal Successor even if the United States would totally ruin itself economically. Therefore, paying back "unspecified amounts" to a Legal Successor would be a correct term to use at this particular moment. Such "unspecified amounts" could be negotiated by the United States with a Legal Successor, and both parties need to come to terms and conditions by specifying a reasonable amount of Debts paid in gold.

As far as it concerns a Legal Successor, the US Constitution undeniably says: "All Debts", and the US Constitution does not specified "private" and "public" debts. Moreover, the US Dollar is specifically identified as a 'Legal Tender for all Debts, private and public". It actually means that a Legal Successor could be both a State and/or an Individual. 

As you probably know, the Russian Bank of Nobility was a private Bank established in 1754 and solely owned by Count Peter Borisovich Sheremetyev. The Bank was operating with no-interest, and it was a major Financial Institution of that time financing public and private Debts of the French, the British, the Spanish Monarchies, as well as the American Colonies.  

And the last, but not the least. The Historic fact of the Russian Navy being called by President Lincoln under the "Sealed Order" "to preserve, protect, and defend the Union" in 1863 is well documented. For instance, information about that was published in the popular "American Heritage" magazine. It is the Historic fact known to those few who luckily do not belong to the "most American historians" you know.


Boris Tiraspolsky

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova