G Walter Boucher: "US doesn't like to pay its debts".

Dear Editor,
The article about the US Doesn't Like to Pay its Debts is so full of errors it should not have been published.

The Confederate Army was during America's Civil War and not during the time of Benjamin Franklin.

Unspecified amounts are never collectable anywhere. You owe me an unspecified amount of money for, say coffee, pay immediately.  How would anyone know how much or what the correct amount would be years later.
The Government of Russia is the only one who could collect the amounts from the US Treasury today. Private debts which have not been renewed or demanded expire but debts due to states / nations do not expire.

The calling of the Russian Navy by US President Lincoln in 1863 is unknown to most American historians.

Please rewrite this article specifying the amounts, rates of interest, what entity made the loan and who is the present day heir or assign and the value in gold weights at the times the loans were made, specify the actions of the Russian Fleet for President Lincoln and the agreed payment, specify the amount plus interst of the purchases, undelivered merchandise and return values plus the amount still due on Alaska plus interest.  If confirmable the amounts might be large enough to cancel all Russia's and the CIS states outstanding foreign debts.  This would be a huge benefit to your people.  But unspecified amounts are not collectable because it is impossible to pay unknown amounts.

G Walter Boucher

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova