Imperial idea and pre-election brawl

Current election campaigns targeted at unveiling "mysteries"  tend to cause major scandals. One of such "mysteries" has been uncovered during a televised debate when one of the activists from "Rodina" bloc has viciously attacked Vladimir Zhirinovsky of "LDPR". The activist simply attempted to inquire about Zhirinovsky's motherland. It is a known fact that his father is of Jewish decent…The question therefore forced Zhirinovsky to present an affirmative answer while choosing between Israel and Russia. As a result such talks have led to a fight. This was no typical theatrical brawl, but a real street fighting competition, without any rules…
I am not going to moralize here—let them settle these matters in court. I am, as a journalist, more interested in an ideal aspect of such an awkward situation. It is simple. Black PR is to blame. It is they who decided to bring up the Russian-Jewish subject and once again make it public. Otherwise, life is too boring.
I have two major questions in mind. First of all, why did Mr. Zhirinovsky become a leader of a Russian nationalist party in the first place? Second of all, why are all of the members of the "LDPR" are Russians, while their leader is only half Russian?
Take for example one of the members of the "LDPR" Evgeny Loginov. He manifests ethnic crime, supports skinheads, defames "International Jewish Capital" while at the same time sincerely respects his leader. I was able to notice it after conducting several interviews with Mr. Loginov (one of which has been previously published in "Pravda.Ru").
As far as the first question is concerned, it appears to be more of an excuse than a real question, since the initial subject is way broader than it seems. Interestingly, many public officials as well as regular civilians of Jewish decent somehow are not interested in joining "this country". In fact, they are hostile towards mass media and eagerly support imperial ideology of the past. 
Let me express my opinion in regards to such matter. In the course of the past seven years, I have been an active member of an organization entitled "Eurasian project." Recently I was simply astonished. Some pseudo-Eurasians established a new political party based on stolen ideology attempted to enter State Duma.

After pondering the initial Imperial idea of Russia I was able to arrive at the following conclusion. I think that Imperial moods do not center in the nation's collective conscious or in the Communist legacy of the USSR or in people's political ambitions…
In truth, there has always been and still is an incredibly active spiritual vector, which is capable of determining the country’s future. Russia is a direct successor of the great Byzantine Empire which was able to unite many nations based on its Christian civilization in the course of 1200 years. Russia still has not lost its sense of Imperial community.     
This can easily be proven by NATO's negative reaction towards Yugoslavia in Russia. Again, why did Serbs view Russians as their friends? Well, it is not hard to assume. There exists a deeply rooted feeling of civilized unity. Today Russia, while being once an integral component of the Byzantine empire, represents a center towards which many nations tend to gravitate. The great eastern empire continues to exist despite the fall of Constantinople. 
Of course, one might consider all of the above information to be rather subjective. However, these are pure facts I am pointing out. Western logic might misinterpret these facts though. That is why a short methodical commentary might aid.
Everyone has probably taken at least one Philosophy class while in Uni. Do you recall a debate of medieval logicians-realists and nominalists? Apparently, the essence of their debate is of vital importance to our subject. Nominalists' main argument was that of comprising separate members in a single class according to a principle: "let's call everyone with light hair-blondes."    
Realists, on the contrary, declared that such unity of individuals in fact portrays real integrity. The imperial idea is in fact based on this realist idea. While considering yourself as part of a whole (union), your integrity is guaranteed. Questions of race, language and citizenship loose their importance. Westerners however might ask, "What kind of integrity can there be between Serbs and Russians, since they have different passports?" According to Western mentality, if one is Jewish, he belongs to "Jewish" category.
Now it is time for analytical analyses of the current situation. Firstly, the imperial idea which is clearly being preached by Vladimir Zhirinovsky appears to be of Byzantine character. As for Zhirinovsky, he resembles those famous Greco-roman politicians.
In my interview with Vladimir Zhirinovsky this summer, the "LDPR" leader has stated that "main reason for the Byzantine empire collapse was because of those 'Nemcovs', 'Gaidarovs', and 'Yavlinskys'"! Therefore it is of no surprise that Russian people tend to gravitate towards Zhirinovsky. He does not just simply represent an abstract "Russian idea" but a real, existing integrity of the Christian civilization.
Secondly, many wonder how Georgian Joseph Stalin managed to become Russia's leader. The answer is evident. According to the same Imperial logic, Constantinople could have just as easily been governed by an Armenian 1000 years ago. Interesting as it may seem, no one attempts to analyze those typical Byzantine forms. They are more often being confused with communist totalitarianism. Perhaps, our "Lords of the Mind" do not know and do not want to know anything about the great Byzantine empire. It all seems too distant, too unimportant to them.
Thirdly, my friend is Jewish. He is not Orthodox but regularly attends synagogue. Sasha, has been "leaving Russia" for the past 20 years but is unable to do so due to tons of paperwork that needs to be properly filled out. His story makes me think of Jewish conscious as being constantly gravitating towards the imperial grandeur where one can live in absolute calmness.
Pax Americana of course appears tempting. It is impossible to wait for the West to succeed nonetheless. Main western stereotype is that of colonies and metropolises, where center robs suburbs and stimulates greed, temptations and perversion among citizens. Western anti-Semitism remains barely concealed behind the closed doors. On the other hand, West has already cracked initial foundation of Russian eastern relations. It may therefore result in a complete destruction of a truly imperial idea…    
I would not want for a reader to interpret this article strictly as of apologia of "LDPR". My only goal is to show what gets uncovered in the course of political election campaigns. Important questions seek answers. No one has said that imperial construction will be an easy task. Fortunately, we are  able to witness all of this and become active members of the ongoing process!

Pavel Poluyan, from Krasnoyarsk exclusively for Pravda.Ru


Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov