Top 10 Reasons Ukraine is NOT an American Problem

This is lengthy but if you are a True American you need to be familiar, so we're getting from go…Buckle Up, Buttercups…You're about to learn some things…

1. Ukraine Has No Freedom of Religion

This is one of the "Big Three” for Americans, along with Speaking and Shooting. Americans (aside from the Supreme Court and Controlled Media) love Religion. In fact, Religions.

Americans love Mega-Churches with 20,000 congregants a week and Americans love Revivalist-Churches meeting in basements to Born Again groups of 10 parishioners.

You turn around in these United States and you will find a pastor waiting.

Therefore when you inform most Americans that "noble” Ukrainians do not allow Freedom of Religion it comes as a complete shock. (According to Controlled Media there was never born, much less Born Again, a bad Ukrainian.)

Yet this is the reality. The Cosplay Regime has systematically silenced and arrested Orthodox Christian Priests (much like in Bolshevik times…)

Moreover, Cosplay and his Cohorts have seized Christian Church property and assets.

If this is what an individual supports, so be it…Except this is against what most Americans support.

2. Ukraine Has No Freedom of Speech

Here is the another of the "Big Three”, even if somewhat battered these days.

Americans (aside from Self-Righteous Prosecutors and Perennially-Aggrieved Outcasts) believe everyone has a Right to their own opinion — correct, incorrect and crazy.

Here you get to say what you want, even if it gets you fired or ostracized…and a True American wouldn't have it any other way.

Ukrainians feel otherwise. Commander Cosplay will toss you in jail if you disagree or criticize his rule. There are no Suggestion Slips permitted in Kiev. You agree with Cosplay or you end life in prison.

Did you know in Ukraine most opposition parties and candidates are banned? Or that opposition media is also forbidden? That if you make a blogpost questioning Cosplay he will persecute you relentlessly?

If you do know these things you are better informed than most Americans. Only it is not our fault, because Controlled Media does everything in its considerable power to keep our People ignorant.

How can the ordinary American be blamed? He tries to be aware by watching broadcasts. She attempts to educate herself by reading the newspapers. But when everyone around us who is supposed to be "reliable sources” continuously fail to mention basic reality The People are fooled.

Maybe someone, somewhere, somehow could countenance the Ukraine Dictatorship of Commander Cosplay, but most of The People would immediately reject it — at LEAST rebel against bankrolling it.

3. Ukraine Does Have Endemic Corruption

Even before the "faultless” Ukrainians came knocking for kopeks they were awarded the title of "Most Corrupt Nation in Europe”!

Speaking to a girl before the war who wanted this author to invest in her business she claimed a fashion studio could get off the ground for $10,000…meaning $8,000 in expenses and $2,000 for bribes.

That's how Ukrainians roll — seeking Greenbacks and paying Kickbacks.

After the war? When there are BILLIONS floating around? With COMPLETE UNACCOUNTABILITY?

Well, let's just say the Graft Rate is a lot higher than 20 Percent these days.

In fact, it's so bad that when ABC News made a documentary WITH EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY stating "nobody knows where all these weapons are going”…it was taken down within 24 HOURS!

Every other week it seems some Ukrainian General or Civil Servant is getting sacked for stealing.

The most recent was four guys who stole $4 Million, which for those as bad at mathematics as myself, gives them $500,000 each…No, wait…actually, that's $1 MILLION EACH!

Could you use $1 Million, Sportsfans? It would come in mighty useful for me at the moment.

So why are we as American Citizens allowing Ukrainian Sharps to rob us blind? You've got a better chance winning the lottery than you've got finding an honest Ukrainian working in Finance.

4. France Says Western Troops Are "Not Ruled Out”

Yep, it's happening.

A few weeks ago during my Inaugural Somerset's Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes pitch it was mentioned around 20 NATO Generals, Defence Ministers, Baltic Presidents and other Globalists were greedily rubbing their mitts about how, "Awwww Damn! We "gon hafta battle dem "ebil Ruskies!”

This week Macron (former Rothschild Banker, by the way) casually dropped the "Wellllll, we miiiiight have to send in Western troops…” stanza.

(HINT: Whenever a Rothschild Banker claims "maybe” soldiers will have to fight…soldiers will be fighting.)

Needless to say — although the Macaroon didn't — those "hypothetical” troops will be American Sons and American Daughters being cut down in faraway places with strange sounding names that we have no interest in defending, liberating or occupying…unless you, too, are a Rothschild Banker.

The rationale given is if Putin takes a few miles of the Donbass then clearly Poland and half of Europe is next, which is a little something in military parlance known as "The Domino Theory”.

That gem shined bright for 20 years in a minor skirmish known as The Viet Nam War…which…really didn't work out too well for the average American.

BONUS: In the 1980s Time-Life Publishing sold a complete multi-volume book set on the Viet Nam War with an advertisement having a little boy ask his father, both standing at the Wall Of Needless Death in Washington…”Daddy, why did we fight in Viet Nam”…To which, Daddy had no reply.

5. Poland Says Ukraine is Bankrupting Its Farmers

You probably don't follow the cost of grain in Warsaw. Not that you should. After all AMERICA is your country. You shouldn't be FORCED to follow all the minutia of the world outside your life.

Only…Agriculture accounts for 5 Percent of the American economy and these days Agriculture is global. Therefore, what happens in Warsaw, and even what they pay for grain, really does affect you.

To wit, currently there are all sorts of massive protests in Poland and other places adjacent to Ukraine because the Kiev Regime is dumping foodstuffs onto the European market.

While this may sound good…more quantity, less cost…it's ultimately bad because it will put famers out of business in a country already on the brink of massive Recession and hosting seemingly half the refugee population of Ukraine itself.

Likewise, if the farmers of Poland themselves become refugees that is a whole other problem.

So to sum it up succinctly, the longer the Ukraine Conflict continues the higher the probability the consequences will spiral out of control.

And the longer the conflict continues is directly related to how long it is funded.

Which is all directly related to you My American Pal, even if neither you nor I want it to be.

Basically our question is two-fold — 1) Do we fund Ukraine fighting forever…maybe with the result being total civilization destabilization across Europe?, or, 2) Do we let them sort it out themselves?

6. Germany Says It Is In Recession and Possibly De-Industrializing

Because it's more than only farmers in Poland. (Yeah, I didn't want to do two bullet points on Economics either, but them's the breaks, kid…)

Again, you likely aren't following it, and under normal circumstances you shouldn't have to…but Germany is already in Recession and its industries are closing shop quicker than Cosplay can jail a priest (which is pretty darn quick).

Since it is a convoluted topic we needn't delve into all the fundamentals but the fact is that relentless funding of the Ukraine Conflict has more or less bankrupted Germany…coming to a factory near you!

While I tease, the matter really is very serious. Fortunately — THUS FAR — the American Citizens have been spared a looming Recission. We may even avoid one entirely…if we DEFUND UKRAINE!

Because that $60 BILLION dear Kiev is begging for and Biden is tossing like a geriatric making it rain for Anna Nicole Smith in a Texas Roadhouse has to come from somewhere.

(HINT: It comes from YOUR pocket!)

7. Russia is NOT the United States of America

It bears noting at this juncture that some of the critiques above may be leveled against Moscow.

This is true. There is no denying it. Some things in Russia you can not say.

In that country it is called a "Special Military Operation” or SMO. In that country, there are indeed strictures against protests. In that country, the government is far more rigid than here.

Basically, they have a system which is more homogenized and…admittedly…more controlled.

"Ah HA!” the typical Corprocat decries!

EXCEPT…Russia is not the United States. That is to say, Russia is not demanding we help them out. Russia is not whining for us to send troops to fight for them. Russia is not insisting we forgo repairing our own roads and bridges to send OUR money to the sacred cause of THEIR conflict.

So even if you do not agree with the way they run their own house…as long as they aren't setting foot in our house, what do we care how they decorate their living room?

8. Once more, Russia is NOT the United States of America

A close corollary to this is that Russia isn't asking for our money. That may seem crass, but despite what politicians in Washington believe money is a finite resource.

The more we spend on Ukraine, the higher our national debt, the worse Inflation becomes, the more you end up paying for that $10 Big Mac at the local eatery. It's ridiculous and it's insulting in the extreme.

No one here is saying you have to like Russia or love Putin…but until Putin shoves his way past the door and begins telling me and you to sacrifice our future for his present we've got no issues.

Yet that is PRECISELY what Ukraine is kvetching for us to do — let OUR infrastructure crumble, allow OUR inner cities to rot, permit OUR border to be totally undefended, reduce OUR standard of living…all because they couldn't get their own home in order the past three decades.

9. Donald Trump Has NOTHING To Do With This

No, for real. Really reals. Totally and completely including all the real you can feel — Donald Trump does not apply.

Love him, Hate him, Love to Hate him — WHATEVER.

But he is a Non-Entity. To the extent Trump also supports the Working American and wants to keep OUR money here working for us? Fantastic!

If Trump decided tomorrow Cosplay was his bestest bosom chum? To hell with him!

The issue of bankrupting OUR country by sending OUR money to Ukraine has ZERO to do with Donald.

While all the Controlled Media — and particularly that of Europe — claims Trump has "bewitched”, "entranced”, or "pixilated” us into being under his spell…these are nothing less than Corprocrat LIES.

Ukraine dealing with their own problems is a Ukraine issue, keeping American money here to help actual Americans is an American issue.

Trump may or may not be in support of the Working Men and Women of this country, and the issue of how OUR Tax Dollars are spent has nothing to do with his influence, opinions or statements.

Donald is welcome to come along for the ride, but he is not leading the Americans for Americans caravan — The People are in charge here and We have had enough of Ukraine taking OUR money.

10. Kiev Endorses Child Trannies

As this author knows many divergent individuals across a wide strata of society, let it be made clear this bullet point is not included to disturb anyone living out their personal business. Consider your jimmies cleaned, pressed and unruffled.

That being said…

Generally, the American public has no interest in funding the sacred cause of Child Trannies.

The Ukraine spokesperson for English-speakers was a literal Trans, male to female. He or She was not the only such individual. There are evidently numerous Trans soldiers fighting on behalf of Ukraine.

When they mention "democracy” this is what they mean…and if you support that, as far as your Correspondent is concerned, that is your private affair…until you demand other Americans fight for it.

No one is preventing you from going to kill for your truth, you just don't get to decide for everyone else.

Therefore the question must be asked — "Who will be the first American to die for the Child Trannies of Ukraine?”

If you are in favor of the Cosplay Regime, you at least need to be candid about the flavor of swirl you prefer.

Call, Contact, Criticize

Look, as this author has said many (many!) times…While he personally opposes Kiev, it's fair if the reader supports Ukraine…IN PRINCIPLE.

The issue arises when a Citizen takes his PERSONAL opinion and makes it POLICY for everyone.

In no way at all does American Funding of the Ukraine Conflict help The American People.

That is merely objective reality.

Funding Kiev means supporting a Ukraine Government DIRECTLY ANTITHETICAL to American beliefs.

  • Ukraine does NOT support Freedom of Religion
  • Ukraine does NOT respect Freedom of Speech
  • Ukraine does NOT have accountability of OUR MONEY they steal
  • Ukraine does NOT guarantee American Soldiers will not be sent to die
  • Ukraine does NOT qualify as an American State and WE OWE THEM NOTHING

Finally, and most importantly, if you want to prevent Inflation and possible Recession you MUST act now. The American People have already sent well over $100 BILLION and perhaps as much as $200 BILLION to Ukraine. This is OUR money and it has to come from somewhere…meaning WE PRINT IT.

That's where Inflation comes from, and it's coming back soon…the only question is how badly.

If you want to PREVENT BANKRUPTING OUR COUNTRY…then call the Congressional Switchboard.

Here is the Contact: (202) 224-3121

Tell the Operator who is your Representative. If you don't know then ask, there's no shame in that.

When you speak to the Staffer in the office of your Representative — BE POLITE. DO NOT THREATEN.

Seriously, it's understandable we all get carried away. I know you would not intend to say bad things.

Only, let's be honest, many Citizens are suffering with high prices and affording rent or even food.

It's very easy to say things you don't mean to get the attention of someone — DO NOT DO THAT.

Trust me, here is what will happen when you call, so be prepared for what they say to you:

  1. They will try to TELL YOU what the Representative believes rather than LISTEN TO YOU
  2. So be very polite, but also very firm, in saying YOU BELIEVE NO MORE MONEY FOR UKRAINE
  3. They will AGAIN try to TELL YOU what your opinion SHOULD BE
  4. So while remaining very polite, very firmly, TELL THEM AGAIN NO MORE MONEY FOR KIEV
  5. Maintaining your composure, then say very clearly you WILL VOTE AGAINST THEM if they support ANY TAXPAYER MONEY FOR UKRAINE

That's all you need to do. Oh, and they and anyone working for a politician may try to tell you that personally contacting them does not have any effect…THEY ARE LYING.

Generally, our politicians are extraordinarily lazy and the LAST THING they want is to hear from you.


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Author`s name Guy Somerset
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