The New American Economy – GoFundMe & OnlyFans

Times are tough all over. You know this. Only maybe you don't quite know the extent of the toughness.

In the United States as recently as 2020 around 1 in 4 people were either jobless or earning poverty level wages. (Millions of American men have dropped out of the workforce citing abuse as a cause…and now spending an average 7 hours a day watching programs or playing vidya.)

In Great Britain about 1 in 4 people of Working Age are unemployed. (This is not represented in the official "Unemployment Rate” given its particular metrics.)

In Germany, which is hurtling toward deindustrialization owing to "owning Putin”, the unemployment rate continues to rise.

In France youth unemployment is currently only 18% down from 20% but expected to expand.

Whatever the specific reasons, large masses of deliberately inactive people are not indicative of a healthy body politic.

Even more detrimental is the mirage of wealth universally offered to a hopeless and wanting society as substitute for meaningful labor.

The Monetization of Misery

When I was but a lad it was considered disgraceful to be a beggar. Of course, when I was but a wee tyke it was also disgraceful to be a disgrace.

In contemporary society it is somewhat doubtful such words have a definition any longer.

More or less, it is apparently the case these days anything and everything that happens to someone is a valid reason to go trolling the internet for simps to correct a lack of essential life skills.

Those talents would in an earlier era include: buying health or travel insurance, understanding mortality and funeral planning, avoiding participation of immensely stupid recreations, funding your own damn kids baseball team if you are a multi-millionairess married to another multi-millionaire…

Wait, what's that you say, Somerset?

Indeed. Former hot teen actress and current hideous Mask of Fu Manchu replicant Alyssa Milano recently went on GoFundMe in order to spange for your change.

Her purpose was to raise $10,000 toward the Little League Baseball Team of her son. (Incidentally, Little League Organization, is it one of your principles to encourage deadbeats to raise panhandlers?)

Wicked Witch of the Pitch Milano has a reputed Net Worth of $10 Million; admittedly quite a sum but given her longevity in the industry seems to be indicative of a rather stunning deficit of financial acumen or else a rampant spending habit.

The Callow Emasculated Husband has a reported Net Worth of $5 Million; allegedly a fully employed Hollywood agent at Creative Artists Agency, one of the "big two” in Tinseltown.

When assailed under a well-earned litany of insults and scorn Alyssa replied that she does "take care of her kids”…she only also wants YOU to take care of her children…for…reasons?

Of course Miss Milano is not alone…(yeah, it's MISS because if she had an effective husband he would have yanked her back in line of behaving appropriately in public…and yeah again, I'm pure evil…am I supposed to cry about it now?)

GoFundMe is full of beggars, thieves and Gypsies. (Whoa! This Somerset doesn't quit, does he? Well, try to get into the Opera Garnier unmolested and THEN tell me how noble Gypsies are in real life.)

Naturally, there are other ways to make a living…

The Economics of Being a Slut

Fast Financials — Did you know the majority of Prosti-Sluts on OnlyFans average LESS MONEY than they would earn working minimum wage at McDonald's every day?

Faster Financials — Did you know the most determinative factor in the success of a marriage is whether or not the female in question bestows her virginity on the partner in question?

Final Financials — Did you know the most effective method for a woman to "get ahead” in this world economically is to find and marry a top-quality man and remain married to him for life?

(By the way, the last is NOT exclusionary of a woman having a high education and prosperous career. On the contrary, in both situations her intellectual and earning capacity rise with faithful relations.)

I know, I know, I know, these shocking revelations are all directly contrary to what you have been told by every Kardashian you have ever met…nonetheless they are based on Objective Reality, that much-maligned place in which most of us tend to spend our lives.

For the average young lady there is this tragic news:

  • You are likely not going to establish a billion-dollar cosmetic empire,
  • You are almost certainly not going to elevate your worth by selling your soul,
  • You are definitely going to be broke and busted trolling date sites at 30 years plus.

As the old adage of our ancestors states, "It's hard out here for a pimp”. The truth is it is much harder out here for a dusty haggard woman who has been showing her privates publicly a half-decade.

Even so, the myth persists among the younger set displaying what literally every other woman is also equipped with somehow makes one unique and special…also, brave and stunning.

When it comes to sites such as OnlyFans the hard reality is that soft porn is not actually profitable in comparison to more traditional pursuits, to say nothing of the spate of suicides which often result.

The Wall is real. The Wall is undefeated. The Wall is only mitigated by romance.

Ergo, put your clothes back on before it's too late.

(Pssst, if you took them off, it already is…*sad face emoji* for you…*laughing face emoji* for me,)

The Guy Somerset Fund for Wayward Girls

Being that everyone else in the Land of the Freebies is roaming hat (or something decidedly lower) in hand it seems only just your Humble Correspondent make the plea for Pravda Readers to take the pledge.

What do you receive in return?

Aside from top-quality reportage, risqué anecdotes and enough casual history to make one the hit of any cocktail party you have the satisfaction of knowing you have snubbed the likes of Alyssa Milano, innumerable random Porn Whores, and every Diversocrat you encounter by making your donation.

(Alas, no, you will not be receiving my nudes…you filthy animals.)

Moreover, Sportsfans, your hard-earned shekels will be spent on the following:

  • Widows,
  • Orphans,
  • Charity.

Ohhh, hold on comrades, reviewing my notes upon the mahogany it seems the above is slightly inaccurate. Having "fact checked” things I must modify the list which ought to have read as:

  • A first edition copy of A Season in Hell of the original French by Rimbaud (because…where else could we possibly be?),
  • Hanging a Boldini nude above the desk in order to evoke the proper demeanor for regaling you with the very best ribaldry (and decidedly anti-modern) prose achievable in print,
  • Seducing cute VIRGINAL Slavic paramours (yep…disgraceful…yes…delicious),

Naturally arises the mutter, "You intolerable lecher…okay HOW MUCH?”) Ahem…pleased you asked:

  • Fortunately, a passable quality copy of Une Saison En Enfer may be had for the low, low, low sum of a mere $20,000 (US, natch…This would have been infinitely more awesome but we missed it by about a decade),
  • The Boldini nude will be an only slightly more princely $40,000 (which includes shipment!, so a real bargain),
  • As to the proposed Angel of (REDACTED), well…let's just say you need to reach deep into your pocket to aid in the sacred cause (as Putin himself has TOLD you to do, chum!).

Seriously speaking, your pal here at Pravda is trying to save the world so anything is appreciated.

Closing the Sermon and Passing the Plate

There is a dark sky over us and many have begun to notice, so please allow the levity above.

Across Europe (to say nothing of America) there are suddenly calls for a future war with Russia.

It is a conflict no ordinary Citizen of the United States contemplates organically, much less invites.

Yet with near total unanimity in the span of approximately 10 DAYS observant spectators noted that the following all either stated or intimated of a war with the Russian Federation within the decade:

  • Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of NATO Military Committee
  • General Sir Patrick Sanders, Head of the British Army
  • Grant Shapps, Defence Secretary of Great Britain
  • Boris Pistorius, Defence Minister of Germany (war within 5 years!)
  • German Ministry of Defence, "Leaked” Documents (war during next winter!)
  • General Eirik Kristoffersen, Head of Norwegian Armed Forces
  • Commander-in-Chief Mikael Byden, Head of Swedish Armed Forces
  • Carl-Oskar Bohlin, Civil Defence Minister of Sweden
  • Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia (war in 3 to 5 years!)
  • General Martin Herem, Commander of Estonia Defence Forces
  • Margus Tsahkna, Foreign Minister of Estonia
  • Krisjanis Karins, Foreign Minister of Latvia
  • Gabrielius Landsbergis, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Whether one calls it "predictive programming” or some other such phrase of the moment, the implications are clear there is a concerted effort to condition The West and Americans for war.

Every outlet of the Controlled Media will support hostilities without benefit to their Citizens and the only contrarian views expressed will be those you as a reader, listener and concerned party support.

There is every reason to keep that money to yourself — AND YOU SHOULD — to the extent you are in precarious circumstances of your own.

Only if you are not, and prefer freedom of travel, freedom of opinion and freedom of speech:

Donate to the wallet below —

You'll be glad you did…(and my delectable paramour will thank you).

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