Why we must pray

At fundamental level, our universe consists of quantum particles (integral spin bosons such as photons, deuterons and gluons, and 1/2-integral spin fermions such as protons, neutrons and electrons). One of the most fascinating characteristics of these particles is that identical particles are indistinguishable from one another (i.e. they cannot be labeled) and follow laws of quantum statistics that are dramatically different from the laws of distinguishable classical particles/entities that we are more familiar with where objects (e.g. balls, playing cards or cars) can be labeled. For bosons, Bose-Einstein statistics governs their behavior, and for &frac12 integral spin particles, Fermi-Dirac statistics determines their behavior. The strange behavior of tiny quantum particles is one of the most fascinating mysteries of the quantum world and it is from these principles that our classical material world is constructed.

As living beings who are made from these indistinguishable particles, it is easy to argue along a similar vein that we, too, are indistinguishable. Of course, this is not true at the classical level. Yet, our constituent particles (molecules, atoms, nuclei, electrons, etc.) all return to the immense reservoir of matter in our universe and remain respective indistinguishable particles when we die. Thus, there is something more about us that makes each of us unique in the universe (i.e. we are more than just the sum of our constituent parts): our soul. I have argued before that the soul is likely an infinitely dimensional or at least higher dimensional gift from God, who is likely an infinitely dimensional being who made our four-dimensional universe and likely many more. Thus, God established a special connection between humans so they could be "God-like” which has nothing to do with the constituent quantum particles that assemble our physical bodies. However, after the Original Sin, God decoupled from humanity so that humans could understand that life without God will be extremely challenging. The essence of humanity's struggle is to reconnect with our Creator. 1 Corinthians 8:3 states: "But whoever loves God is known by God.” Loving God takes many forms such as helping our fellow humans in need, glorifying Him and acknowledging His ability to help us via prayer. I will focus on prayer in this brief essay.

God gets to know us when we pray to Him. It is God's love that gives each of us our uniqueness and removes the degeneracy of "indistinguishable souls” as God knows each and every human being who loves Him and thus has Faith in Him. Satan is jealous of us because he lost this very special connection to God. Those who do not seek God end up becoming indistinguishable souls (at least to Satan) which God does not interact with. We maintain our connection with God (which was created at conception) by praying to and believing in Him. This special connection enables us to spiritually transcend our universe and connect with our Creator just as Michelangelo depicted Man reaching out to touch the hand of God in his Sistine chapel painting. This is the essence of the connection: mutual interaction via transcendental and everlasting love. Love is the most powerful force in all of God's Creation.

Just as in pre-WWII times, we are on the precipice of yet another devastating conflict (WWIII) which will destroy humanity. More than ever, we need to welcome God back into our world to illuminate, expose and ultimately vanquish the evil that Satan is perpetrating here to destroy us.

God will save us if we pray to Him and show that we love Him as He loves us. Satan seeks to disrupt our unique connection between God and His children in the four dimensional spacetime world that He created for us to live, enjoy and glorify Him in. Satan is trying to turn us away from our Creator by tricking us into worshipping inanimate elements inside this universe that constitute indistinguishable particles (e.g. the Golden Calf, money, etc.) and focusing on cold materialism instead of on our God-like essence by dissuading us from following Jesus Christ. Prayers to God are transmitted via the hyperdimensional transcendent Holy Spirit which not even Satan can stop as he is trapped in this four dimensional spacetime. It is these prayers to our Father that will, God willing, save the world from its self-destruction and at the least save our souls because God will know us. This is why, more than ever, we must pray.

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Author`s name Michael Pravica
Editor Dmitry Sudakov