If You Want Russo-American War You are a Moron

Ukraine Intervention: Tread Lightly the Sleeping Colossus

At the base of the Statue of Liberty is a poem by Emma Lazarus entitled The New Colossus.

Among its more famous lines is the United States welcome the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Whether one ascribes to this sentiment or not it is an apt description of the national sentience — this overture to the defense of Righteousness is how Citizens see themselves.

Above all else, Americans want to help.

The Call to Action

Of course, assistance can assume a variety of forms.

Most often the American call to action is merely in the form of generosity — in which the national character exceeds all others. Per capita, and adjusted for income, Americans by far contribute more to charity than any other people spanning the globe.

Literally, the average American puts his money where his mouth is…even when he doesn't have much cash.

As a matter of fact, the poorer an American is the more likely he is to give something to others.

This is a trait unmatched anywhere — at any time — in any place — ever throughout history.

So take note.

The Call to Arms

The danger arises when this innate sense of Righteousness is harnessed by devious forces.

Every war of the past century has been sold to Americans as a Righteous Cause.

  • World War One — To End All Wars!
  • World War Two — To Save Democracy!
  • Korean War — To Assume National Responsibility!
  • Vietnam War — To Defend a Free People!
  • Iraq War One — To Defeat a Dictator!
  • Afghanistan War — To Avenge September 11!
  • Iraq War Two — To Triumph Over the Axis of Evil!

Notice what all have in common? Each is an appeal not to Patriotism but to Morality.

Clearly this was not the design of the political leaders, but it was the device used to cajole a public typified by an innate desire for contribution.

Citizens are always eager to help, but when this noble instinct is turned against them they become ferocious — which is why self-preservation counsels extreme caution when inviting their sense of outrage.

Loose Lips Sink the Slavic Nation

By way of illustration, during a recent program — promptly seized upon by several Western media outlets — a group of Russian journalists gathered to discuss whether it was best to maximize American casualties (in a war not yet begun) or simply annihilate Americans using atomic bombs.

This reckless nonsense continued at length after which Western Interventionists, who seek to characterize all Slavs as savages, giddily reported on it for readers in the United States that the Russians clearly are as primitive as claimed.

Incidentally, the initial panel discussion ended with the admonition there was only one American (Tucker Carlson) who Russians should not want to murder.


Traditionally there has been a dual account of hostilities for a domestic audience as opposed to a foreign audience. Except today the Internet exists — and every description is immediately available to all visa free translation applications.

If the intention here was to make Americans view Russians as brutal psychopaths who they actually should engage in a World War for the sake of Humanity then I'm not exactly sure how it could have been better achieved…perhaps by sacrificing an infant live on-air?…

This sort of homicidal rhetoric is not only monumentally imprudent and blatantly counterproductive; it invites the precise opposite reaction beneficial to the Russian nation as a whole.

Moreover, in terms of this incessant talk of nuclear weapons — without going into detail — anyone who believes such devices to be the apex of current offensive technology is woefully misinformed…at best.

If You Want Russo-American War You are a Moron

For many decades it was a widely-known secret in entertainment if you sought to debate serious social issues the only place to do so was Science Fiction.

No one paid attention to the genre other than intellectuals, so a wide array of otherwise "unacceptable” thoughts went uncondemned by the Outrage Brigade.

This is worth mentioning as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine featured a scene in one episode which perfectly encapsulates the American Psyche. During a siege in a hopeless battle two aliens are fighting alongside humans. The younger is extolling the bravery of his comrades when the elder admonishes him.

It is worth repeating in entirety:

Let me tell you something about Humans, Nephew. They're a wonderful, friendly people, as long as their bellies are full and their holosuites are working. But take away their creature comforts, deprive them of food, sleep, sonic showers, put their lives in jeopardy over an extended period of time and those same friendly, intelligent, wonderful people…will become as nasty and as violent as the most bloodthirsty Klingon. You don't believe me? Look at those faces. Look in their eyes.

This was then and is now a metaphor for Americans…who truly are the kindest, gentlest, friendliest people on the planet…until you convince them to fight in a Righteous Cause…in which case they will salt the earth with your tears.

Repeatedly — almost ludicrously often — throughout the past two centuries adversaries have viewed Americans as a decadent people who do not have the stomach to endure an extended conflict.

The Wages of American Warfare

Yes, the Americans eventually left North Korea…after nearly a half-decade of various levels of involvement with a kill ratio of 75 to 1 which included about 10 percent dead of the civilian population.

Yes, the Americans eventually left Vietnam…after two decades and inflicting a casualty rate of 20 to 1 on their opponents before departing and exiting a complete wasteland of economic catastrophe.

Yes, the Americans eventually left Iraq and Afghanistan…after another two decades and a casualty rate of anywhere from 800,000 to 1,300,000 enemy deaths (including civilians) and around 7,000 U. S. making a rate of at least 114 to 1 and possibly as much as 185 to 1 or even higher.

Yes, the Americans would eventually tire of a Ukraine War involving Russia…but the U. S. has more than two times the population of Russia…and spends nearly 15 times as much on its annual military budget…

Only an imbecile would invite such confrontation given the history, demographics and finances involved.

Never — under any circumstances — embroil the American People in one of their Righteous Cause wars because such conflicts usually last around twenty years and always leave behind a desolation of sorrow.

Tread Lightly Among Giants

Currently the attitude in the United States toward Ukraine is divided between compassionate apathy and unhinged belligerency — with the result public opinion could drift either way.

Broadly speaking these are the dual versions of the path forward for Russian advocates:

Russian Tactic One: We will kill your children if you go to war with us!

American Response One: What's this, now? I haven't been paying much attention to all the nonsense going on but maybe those Ruskies really are as bad as they say on the news…We just might have to go over and kick them in the teeth for picking on poor little Ukrainians trying to defend themselves.

Russian Tactic Two: We did everything we could to avoid this fight. For ten years our neighbors, friends and cousins in this tiny little section of Ukraine were bombed by Kiev. They killed 15,000 of our relatives all because they spoke our language and had a different religion. Our only goal now is to save our friends and finish this whole horrible thing. The worst part is because the Kiev politicians are so corrupt many innocent people in other parts of Ukraine also have to suffer. Let's figure out how to end it.

American Response Two: Well now, I didn't know about all that there! What those Ukies were doing wasn't right at all…killing poor folks just because they speak different and follow a different religion. No, I'm not for us getting involved in any of that nonsense! Seems to me everyone is a little right and everyone is a little wrong, so we should just stay out of their family squabble. Sure, I'll send some money to help the refugees but as for sending a million bucks for more missiles? No way, let's just end it.

Of these pathways one serves the Russian cause…and is incidentally also the truth.

Americans are inclined to be the best friend you ever had — they will remember your birthday, help you move apartments, lend you money without asking — which leads some to believe they are "soft”.

In fact, Americans are merely emotional. Even hyperemotional. More so than anyone else you are likely to meet because it is absolutely genuine.

That feeling begins with love…but if you convince them to hate? It never ends.

Whispering Beats Shouting Every Time

Baiting Americans about how "tough” Russians are or threatening to murder their children is suicidal.

When was the last war — any place of any magnitude — in which anyone could be called a vanquisher?

There are no classical winners in modern warfare because victory consists only of who loses the least.

In this, the Americans have an impeccable record of Righteous ruination.

Let none invoke the Sleeping Colossus to such detriment.

This is Part Three of a Three Part series on the Ukraine Intervention and how it affects your life.

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Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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