Elections in Italy: Forza Italia of the old unshakable Silvio Berlusconi

Underwhelming Italian elections

General elections will be held in Italy on September 25. A few days to go and Italy will have a new parliament, a new government and a new prime minister.

Polls give the sovereigntist center-right coalition as the favourite:

  • Forza Italia (the old unshakable Silvio Berlusconi),
  • Lega Nord (Northern League — Matteo Salvini, somewhat tarnished and declining in support)
  • and Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy by Giorgia Meloni).

In particular, the party founded in 2012 by Senator Meloni seems to really enjoy an exploit of support that will lead I am Giorgia to become prime minister and thus the first woman to hold this seat in the history of our republic.

But please: don't compare her to Margaret Thatcher. It is too early and "I am Giorgia” is also shorter than old Maggie.

The Left would thus emerge defeated from the September 25 vote and the Italian Democratic Party (the former Italian Communist Party) would end up to the opposition along with a few small parties organized in lists centered on a single frontman and constituting the current natural metastases of what was once the party of workers and proletarians. Not that being in opposition changes anything for our former communists converted to the free market: indeed, it's better, so they can rule without accountability as they have done most of the time since the investigation "Mani Pulite”. The days of private property as an unforgivable crime have clearly passed and today, in the fluid world of gender and global warming it is better to choose Mario Draghi as master and money as God, perhaps along with the false science of experimental vaccines imposed by blackmail during a psycho-pandemic.

The Right (sic) is not so much better, but at least it does not present itself as the party of theGoodOnesTM, who have as their solution to every problem a (not too much) endearing rainbow smile.

There is a third line-up in the race, however, which has little or no chance of success: it is the galaxy of "anti-system forces” (sic) which, because they have all set themselves an easy goal to achieve, presents itself fragmented and divided rather than as a single, compact bloc.

Gianluigi Paragone founded his Italexit party in 2020, after being expelled from the 5Stars Movement due to political disagreements with his former political comrades and declares that he wants to take Italy out of Europe like Boris Johnson did with England. But Paragone's Italy is not BoJo's England, and it is not even enough to say he is against compulsory vaccines and the Nazis' Green Pass.

Also Vita (Life) by Sara Cunial (another former 5Stars) is against compulsory vaccines and the Green Pass, it is against supporting Ukraine too but it is not outspoken about Italy's exit from Europe.

Italia Sovrana e Popolare (Italy Sovereign and Popular) by the pair Francesco Toscano and Marco Rizzo reiterates the themes of the two other movements and stresses the need for our country to be independent, sovereign, in Europe and in the world. Toscano is a well-known Italian journalist and Rizzo is an old orthodox communist. Perhaps an odd pair but, if we believe their intentions, why did they not join the other two opposition parties? It is a question that also applies to Italexit and Vita, clearly.

So instead of having a single, compact bloc with valuable names, (e.g., Dr. Andrea Stramezzi who is a candidate with Italexit or lawyer Renate Holzeisen who is a candidate with Vita and was very committed to defending people who rejected vaccine impositions), we have an incoherent and fragmented whole. You know, when purity is involved, there is always someone purer than you who will purify you. And so, one candidate was a Freemason, another a fascist, another falsely anti-system, another simply crazy or antipathetic, and so on. The political action of the new, eventual, parliamentarians will therefore inevitably be as limited and fragmented as the virtual bloc to which they belong. It will ultimately benefit their bank accounts more than our country, and this is because they go it alone, without the coordination of a real party to contain and unify them.

There is also a fourth bloc, that of the disillusioned who will not vote. Here the expected numbers vary, even reaching 60 percent abstainers. General elections do not have a minimum quorum to be valid. There could be 95% abstention, but the election would still be valid and the remaining 5% would still determine the new parliament and government. Therefore, be careful not to go out and vote.

What about political programs?

Right and Left are identical in foreign policy: Atlanticism, loyalty to Washington and Natostan, full support for Ukraine attacked by the crypto-fascist-communists living in the Kremlin, in whose dark and sinister corridors baba jaga Putin roams. And so, while Volodymyr Mahatma Gandhi Zelens'kyj can continue to play the piano with his penis and do a few lines of coke when he is too stressed by the exertions of conducting a proxy war, the Italians will have a horrid winter thanks to governments that continue the sanctions against Russia, sanctions that are a hammer on the Italian feet and not on the Russian ones.

We will have a beautiful horrid winter with a continuous trickle of stores, gyms and large and small factories closing because of skyrocketing gas and electricity bills, cold or poorly heated if not dark houses. We will have little light and little gas but many more unemployed and the inevitable, democratic, police truncheons on protesting demonstrators.

We are told that this is the price of democracy, but it is not: it is the price of the dementia that reigns in Washington and Brussels and our country's continued subservience to all the international organizations to which it adheres. It is the price of having shitty governments.

Going from "wash your hands often” to "take a few showers, shorter and with cold water” really only took a moment….

In domestic politics, theGoodOnesTM declare themselves faithful to the "Draghi Agenda”, which is then the Soros agenda and thus… more immigration!, more budget cuts!, more austerity!, plus all those other things that have turned Italy, once a very prosperous country, into the near latrine of Europe.

The Right, under the leadership of "I am Giorgia”, has confirmed that it will follow… the "Draghi Agenda”. Or maybe not. It is not clear. Surely Senator Meloni swears by heaven and earth that she will not touch the abortion law and her government will not do anything that traces the U. S. Supreme Court's decision on the Roe-Wade ruling.

The programs of the two main blocs are so similar that they are in fact indistinguishable. I get the impression that both sides are playing to lose, because it will be better to be in the opposition ranks than in government when the knots tragically come to a head in the coming months. Unfortunately, they can't seat both in opposition, and Mario Draghi has already done his allotted share of the work and may not return to head yet another government of national unity that will hammer a few more nails into Italy's coffin.

Of course, there is always the police with its democratic truncheons but that may not be enough. In that case what will happen?

Let's wait. September 25 is very close anyway.
And after that, God help us…

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov