Has Covid changed the world or has it been forgotten?

If we wanted to sum up the two-year pandemic, here in Italy but also in the rest of the world, especially in the "free” collective West, we would have to say that Covid did not put the mask on people but took it off.

Under the guise of a pandemic caused by a virus being sold as the bearer of an apocalypse, some of the worst traits of the human soul have emerged: the willingness to delude, the uncritical conforming to the compact and obtuse herd, the disregard for freedom precisely when freedom is in danger and not pretended to be guaranteed by a more or less apparent condition of peace.

It was well seen the ease with which Italian progressives lashed out at those protesting the imposition of the Green Pass, the Nazi laissez-passer that was supposed to guarantee public health but instead proved to be the opposite because the vaccinated became infected and spread the contagion in turn.

It was well seen how easily the stalwart defenders of freedom, the cantors of the 25 of April, set aside the Italian Constitution and the entire Italian Law when Mario Draghi's government tried, unfortunately in many cases successfully, to impose vaccination with experimental preparations otherwise depriving the unvaccinated of work and wages.

It was well seen how magistrates, public officials and distinguished physicians have bowed their heads while pretending not to see all the abuses and legal, administrative, scientific and medical absurdities that have been imposed on the Italian people by governments presided over by two unelected.

Few Italians rebelled and publicly protested: the frightened and hypnotized herd made the shepherd-wolf's decisions their own without questioning them in the slightest and even applauded when the police truncheoned the protesters. We all saw the scenes of those days.

Among those who held their heads high, however, were also doctors. In the name of their Hippocratic oath, these braves ignored ministerial regulations and did what they felt was their rightful duty. Giuseppe De Donno was the first to propose the use of hyperimmune plasma to treat Covid's patients: he paid for his devotion with his life. Others were suspended from the Medical Association because they were not "vaccinated”, because they treated sick people without following Ministry guidelines, because they prescribed medical tests before (sic) administering the "vaccine”.

A Council of State ruling recently declared that the ministry guidelines were "mere guidelines”. But then why suspend a doctor who did not follow them and simultaneously saved precious lives?

All this would be just a comedy of the absurd if more than one hundred and sixty thousand people, Italian flesh and blood, had not died by now. To them we must add the deaths and those harmed by the side effects of "vaccines”, which the government does not want to acknowledge but which now constitute a daily dripping.

Andrea Stramezzi, medical doctor, is among those suspended: for twelve months, starting May 17 of this year, if the case against him is upheld. I interviewed him so that there remains a trace, once again, of the absurdity of the Italian tragedy.

Thank you for being here with us, Dr. Stramezzi. It is a pleasure and an honor to interview you. Could you tell us how many years you have been a physician and what is your specialty?

The honour is mine in being interviewed by such a prestigious and dare I say historical magazine. I had short pants and I already knew about the existence of Pravda. And at this moment in history, it is even more important, because while in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s I could see the USSR and its press organ as an enemy threat, now I stand with the Great Mother Russia, in the defence of its persecuted citizens in the Donbass. And not only because I have a son, Piotr Andrejevich, a Russian.

This year marks 40 years as a physician. I am a specialist in odontostomatology and a specialist in orthognathodontics (although I also did a couple of years of Community Hygiene and Preventive Medicine). I have been dealing with problems related to the temporomandibular joint for over 30 years. So, headaches, neck pain, back pain, herniated discs, scoliosis, etc., and I particularly specialize in improving physical performance of strength and endurance in high-level sports athletes.

Let's talk about Covid: what did you think when the first cases appeared in the world and then here in Italy?

That it was the duty of every doctor, to make himself immediately available to the community, as there was a health emergency. In fact, I became one of the Italian Ministry of Health's "Covid-19 Volunteer Doctors” as early as February 2020. In the first frantic moments, when the Italian region of Lombardy was the first region in the Western world to be overwhelmed, I started doing what needed to be done: running to the homes of abandoned and terrified patients to visit, hearten, treat and heal them. In April 2020, at the height of the lockdown, I took over responsibility for a Covid hospital, where we healed everyone. We did not lose any patients. Frail octogenarians and 90-year-old, full of co-pathologies, on oxygen, were all healed. The therapy existed, exists and works.

 "Tylenol and watchful waiting” has been and still is Minister Speranza's mantra. Do you think this operational choice is correct?

I consider it one of the worst treatment choices in the History of Medicine. A nonsense from all points of view. Tylenol (acetaminophen) lowers the levels of glutathione, which is an antioxidant produced by our liver, worsens the immune response and in children, if in excessive doses, can lead to the lethal Kawasaki syndrome. Waiting, in medicine, has never existed. Here it was even an imposed dogma. It would be like telling firefighters "Wait until the fire develops and envelops the whole building or the whole forest, then go ahead and do your job. It doesn't matter if there will be many more casualties”.

  • More than 160,000 people have been left to die.
  • It was a serious State crime.
  • A disgrace, for Medicine.
  • And they continue, undeterred.

Discouraged autopsies, forced closures, obsessively imposed masks, curfews, green passes reminiscent of black of the Nazi ones. Everything normal?

There has been nothing normal. Real follies, real idiocies, real criminal acts in the name of a science decided by politicians, certainly not by scientists. We owe it to a colleague at the hospital in Bergamo, who violated the protocols of the health and government authorities by doing the first autopsies, if as early as March 2020 we understood, shouting it to the whole world, that the patients were dying from the formation of microthrombi, as a result of a cytokine storm (an auto-immune reaction) that prevented oxygen from passing and certainly not from interstitial pneumonia. That's how from that day, conscientious physicians started administering low molecular weight heparin, saving their patients. Unfortunately, not everyone has figured it out yet. People are still dying from Covid. And it is absurd.

Italian doctors were instructed not to see in person patients who had Covid symptoms. Did you follow this practice?

Nope, for sure. Although in the beginning I was also afraid of dying (in the first three months, more than one hundred Covid doctors died in Italy), I considered it as my Duty (write it in capitals). It is the duty of every doctor to rush to the bedside of the sick, risking his or her own life and I am amazed that everyone else has not done the same. Let them change their profession, shame on them!

How many patients have you successfully seen and treated?

Visited at home or in the hospital, treated (caressed and heartened) and healed, over a thousand, a thousand and two hundred. Then, considering that many people abandoned to themselves with the disease were scattered all over Italy, Europe and the world, I had to start treating them with telemedicine. I treated more than 6,500 of them in total. Also thanks to an App we came up with, C-Healer, which allowed me to treat and follow up simultaneously hundreds of patients in telemedicine, for free.

Sixty-five hundred -- that's a huge number, practically an army….

It may sound strange to you, but of most of them, I remember the faces, the names. Of course, not all of them. Sometimes I pass a stranger on the street who hugs me, bursts into tears and thanks me for saving his life.

Despite this, you ended up under investigation and recently suspended from the National Medical Association. Could you explain to us how this situation developed?

I had specious accusations, such as "he was prescribing drugs that could potentially have dangerous adverse effects”. All drugs could have them! And I out of so many patients, I never had one. I bother the ministerial narrative. If a simple doctor like me can treat and heal almost everyone, the emergency ends. It ends the Health Dictatorship and the sale of "experimental vaccines”.

Excuse me but… aren't all the healed patients an evidence in your favour?

In an ideal world, yes. In ours, in the 1984 of Orwellian memory in which we live, it is more of a death sentence than evidence. Let us not forget Doctor De Donno, who healed in his Pneumology Department with hyperimmune plasma the Covid-sicked. First he was investigated, then forced to resign, and then he was suicided.

Let's take a step back: was De Donno wrong?

No, not at all. I wrote it, too, on Twitter in February 2020: "The Spanish flu, in 1918, was won and the patients healed, thanks to the plasma of the helaed”. I wrote it, he did it and proved it. Kudos to him. He became an enemy and was shot down.

What do you think about the current anti-Covid vaccines?

That they are not vaccines.

  • That they are experimental drugs, with mRNA technology, the long-term consequences of which we do not yet know.
  • That they do not prevent infection and infecting.
  • That after the third dose, they lead to "negative immunity”, that is, they damage the immune system, with an increased risk, not only of suffering more infections, but also of failing to isolate and eliminate cancer cells that could then develop into tumors.
  • That there was a statistically significant increase in diseases and deaths such as myocarditis/pericarditis in young people and Creutzfeld Jacobs ("mad cow”) syndrome in older people.

In addition to all the more or less serious adverse effects, such as paralysis or paresthesias. This is all documented in the literature.

What do you plan to do in the near future?

If there is not already a bullet ready for me, I will continue to do my duty. To heal, to be close to those who suffer even with a caress, and to heal. And, for future reference, I add: I have no intention of committing suicide. If you find me hanging, you will know whom to go after.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov