No Greater Love

In the space of just a couple of days, I have been moved from one emotional extreme of loathing, disgust and abject abhorrence to that of amazing respect and love because of certain events in Ukraine. 
Previously, I wrote an article In Righteous Indignation wherein I deplored the mindless, senseless and criminal behaviour of Ukrainian Soldiers who tortured and brutally abused Russian POW’s and then left them to slowly die.  Words cannot express my outrage at such animalistic behaviour – it really is subhuman.  
Having been thrown into the deep pit of despair regarding human nature; I have now been buoyed, lifted up by the amazing act of a Russian solider in Mariupol. 
In Mariupol, an as yet un-named Russia soldier during a Mortar attack on a civilian area carried out by the Fascists Azov Battalion, threw a mother and her daughter into a building entrance and then covered their bodies with his – he died of shrapnel wounds. 
I am reminded here of Holy Scripture: 

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. John 15:13 KJV.

I watched a video report on of this totally unselfish act of brotherly love and it not only moved me to tears but resonated as the clearest example of the vast difference between the Ukrainian Forces and that of the soldiers of the Russian Federation. I just wish I could shake this soldier’s hand! It will be of little comfort to his loved ones that he died in such a valiant and courageous manner, but I hope that they take some solace from his amazing act of self-sacrifice.  May the out-pouring of respect for this act, give them some comfort. 
These two incidents are diametrically opposed – one shows the total depravation of the Ukrainian forces while the other shows the compassion of the forces of the Russian Federation. Chalk and cheese!  No amount of Fact-Checker, Ukrainian Government bullshit can absolve not only the Ukrainian soldiers who committed these criminal acts, but the very leaders of the Government are culpable. Nuremburg trials in 1945/6 established that. Justice must be served. Hangings are required.
I read in; 

On March 29th, Russian General Vladimir Shamanov claimed that the AFU servicemen who shoot Russian prisoners of war and watched them suffering have already been captured by the Russian special forces:

”Those who mocked our servicemen, they did not rejoice for long, after three days our special forces captured these ruffians. Today they are lying at their feet, begging for mercy. I’ll tell you their names. One ruffian was called Sergey Velichko, nickname Chili. The second is Konstantin Nemechev. Both ruffians grew up as Nazis from the fan group of the local Metalist football club. They told this themselves already at the first interrogations. And this is what will happen to everyone who will unworthily, violating the Geneva Convention, treat our prisoners of war.”

This has been immediately followed by a rebuttal by the Ukrainian side with a Podcast of the “villain” claiming he is alive and well – that they have a “fake”.  True or false – makes little difference, I am sure the SPETSNAZ will get to the truth and leave no stone unturned to get their man! Go for it!

If anyone has any doubts about who is actually “running” Ukraine, they need look no further than the very latest events in the area. While negotiations are underway in Turkey between the Ukrainian side and the Russian Federation and progress was being made toward a settlement of the situation, Russian forces in a gesture of goodwill, withdrew some forces from around Kiev but the Fascist forces immediately instigated a savage artillery barrage on the Russian forces and it appears, fired a Toshka-U missile at a Russian storage base in Belgorod. 

Russia cannot “negotiate” with a puppet organisation while US/NATO/Pentagon/CIA undermine all genuine attempts by the parties to reach a settlement which the puppet masters do not want and who will use their trained and supported Fascists to achieve their end goals. This is exactly the same scenario that the US/NATO/Pentagon/CIA raised, trained and supported ISIS* – as a tool to further their agenda in the world by terrorist means. The Fascist state of Ukraine is no different and Russia must, for the sake of the World, remove this subversive threat to world peace. 

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Author`s name Jim Jones