Ukrainian neo-Nazis and Russian POWs: In righteous indignation

In Righteous Indignation

Never have I been so incensed, outraged; so determined to speak out, and I am quite long in the tooth, as I am now over a current event.

I abhor gratuitous, ritualistic and senseless violence, but as a retired senior Infantry Officer, I am particularly disturbed by the inhumane treatment and degradation of Prisoners Of War [POW].

Recently I viewed a video published by the Independent Military Analysis Centre; The video is very graphic and extremely upsetting — certainly not for the squeamish or faint-hearted and depicts Russian soldiers, captured in the Donbas by the Ukrainian Army and Fascist Brigades [UAF], and held as POW's, who are absolutely, horrendously abused by the UAF.

They are lying prostrate on the ground [in a parking lot], they are all shot in the leg(s), some you can see have had their femur shattered by the gunshot and the leg is obviously broken. Others are quite clearly the victim of severe physical beatings. Some have soiled themselves; all are covered in blood — some have very bright blood, indicating arterial bleeding; they look in shook and pain. Towards the end of the video, you will see more POW's arriving and they are immediately shot in the leg by these inhumane criminals. The first POW that is "Interviewed” in the video is asked "who is your Officer”?. I can't make out his reply as the poor fellow has been so badly beaten up, swollen lips, teeth missing, probably broken jaw, that his reply is a mumble. The second guy "Interviewed” — watch his eyes — they take time to focus. He is asked where he is from and he replies Armenia.

However, whatever walk of life you are from, there is a certain inherent abhorrence of inhumane and cruel treatment of any living creature — it is in our DNA. If you have any moral compass, if there is any humanity in you, you must condemn these atrocities! You must speak out and demand that these war criminals are brought to justice.

For those of you who feel you can stomach the video — it can be viewed at Southfront. The video is extremely graphic and disturbing. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. 

Uncle Vovka [BOBKA] calls the Ukrainian peoples Fraternal — but it is increasingly difficult to see what similarities the Ukrainians have with Russians. Personally, I can think of no lesser nation of delusional criminals and anti-Christian people — I speak generally as there are I believe, good and bad in every country — just seems fewer in Ukraine are good.

OK, I am looking through the reasoning of hatred because of current events, but I must control such emotions as it is not fitting to hate. There are however, many instances in this current saga which tend to cast a most disparaging light on Ukrainians in general.

Firstly, let us understand the legal situation regarding Ukraine.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ex Soviet States established new sovereignty with the UN. However, Ukraine never ratified its boarders with neighbouring states and as advised by the UNGS, Ban Ki-moon, is not a nation state but still part of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was incorporated into the Russian Federation. So, the State of Ukraine in legal terms does not exist — it is part of Russia.

The lawfully elected Government of Ukraine was overthrown by a Military Coup [Colour Revolution in CIA parlance]. Mercenaries and NATO units as well as CIA operators were involved; oh, and don't forget Nuland handing out cookies at the Maidan!

Since then, there have been corrupt governments which have been nothing more than the puppets of US and NATO/Western influence and have been held in power by rigged lections, just like what happened in the US in 2020. [These rigged elections are a worldwide phenomenon].

In 2014, the Peoples of Donbas, Lugansk and the Crimea held a vote — in the West it is called democracy at work, but when the West doesn't like it, it is called subversion. The overwhelming percentage of the population in each area voted to cede from Ukraine and be independent — in fact, they wanted to become part of Russia.

Crimea got its wish by the intervention of the Polite People; Donbas and Lugansk — well, that's a different story.


Not content with the Democratic Process [without DOMINION Voting Machines], the UAF set about a criminal campaign of shelling and sabotaging civilian infrastructures, residential houses, schools, hospitals and municipal buildings in the Donbas and Lugansk area. This was nothing more than an act of genocide. Fourteen Thousand Six Hundred civilians have been killed in Donbas and Lugansk since 2014 [I actually forget the number of children included in that figure but you can easily research it].

In Odessa, they rounded up protesters and drove them into the House of Trade Unions, where they torched the building and burnt men, women and children alive! Yes, this is the fraternal Ukrainian people. The victims still cry for justice.

Obama, Biden and cronies turned Ukraine into the biggest cesspool of corruption and evil in the world — a centre for money laundering, child sex trafficking, sex slavery and a haven for the WEF and NWO elite to hide their wealth and possessions. The Pentagon/CIA established illegal Bioweapons Laboratories in 33 locations in Ukraine and it is put forward that is the origin of COVID-19; it was transferred from Ukraine to Wuhan in time for the big military parade/event in Wuhan and released there.

All of this was facilitated by Ukrainian Politicians and Oligarch who willingly prostituted themselves for money and position. The Ukrainian people willingly embraced Bandera and Nazism and with blind nationalistic fervour began what can only be described as a systematic campaign of genocide conducted against the Russian peoples.

US/NATO/CIA Scheming

The Western financial model of Capitalism is on the brink of an abyss. The FIAT currency is doomed under its own debt burden and the only way the Cabalists/WEF/IMF/FED/Deep State can save it is by getting their hands on a lot of cheap raw resources.

Russia has been a goldmine sitting on the boarders of the new expanded NATO, tantalisingly close yet teasingly unobtainable. The aim of the Cabalists was to break Russia up, fractionalise it and federalise Russia into smaller, manageable units. Ukraine was to become the "thorn in the side” of Russia and the trigger for exploiting Russia.
US/NATO/CIA have been training UAF since 2014 [maybe even before that time under secret "Stay-Behind” schemes]. They have trained the UAF in subversive tactics and more importantly, using residential areas as military assets as has recently been exposed with the discovery of NATO Standard Operating Instructions [SOP's] for Ukraine when units of the Nazi Aidar Battalion were wiped out. One wonders if using civilians as human shields was also part of NATO instructions.

Under this instruction, the systematic shelling [including Tochka-U missiles] has been conducted in the Donbas and Lugansk regions.

Bioweapons Laboratories

Russia became aware of the collection of DNA from Slavic People by the Biolabs; the purpose of which was to specifically target this human haplogroup. The aim of course was to deliver a deadly bioweapon that targeted only Slavic Peoples.

Now, when advised of this, you cannot imagine Uncle Vovka being particular impressed. Not only that, apparently work was well advanced on area specific pathogens which when released would provide plausible denial as they were endemic in the region initially.

This Frankenstein activity by the Pentagon/CIA is nothing less than a Crime against Humanity and carried out under the protection that Ukraine offered; signed off by the Ministry of Health.

NATO Attack

US/NATO/CIA had plans well advanced for a pre-emptive strike on Donbas and Lugansk in early March 2022; plans were to be finalised by 28th February 2022. This information was known to the Russian MoD but has bene confirmed by the discovery of Secret Orders found in UAF Headquarters that had been over-run.

This was a calculated move perhaps with the idea of bringing Russia into an armed conflict or presenting Russia with a fait accompli; I'm not privy to the minds of the Cabal [fortunately] so One can only speculate.

However, the best defence is attack so they say and Russia/and Novo Russia did just that and caught NATO and bunch off guard. This act, saved the Donbas, Lugansk, Crimea AND Russia.

Notice that the first areas attacked were the Bio Labs?

The Military Operation in Ukraine

I do not intend to go into detail over the incursion into what is called Ukraine, there are plenty of arm-chair generals around who can pontificate on that subject. What I will draw attention to are two aspects of it;

First, Poland is puffing its chest out again like it did in 1939 when it started the Second World War by reneging on an agreement with Hitler over the Danzig Corridor where Poland had massacred over 60,000 ethnic Germans. Hitler agreed to give Poland land in exchange for the Danzig Corridor but the megalomaniacal warmonger Churchill told Poland to renege and Britain would defend Poland. So, we got World War Two and millions of deaths, around 60,000 by some counts.

Well Poland is up to it again — they have put forward a map with Ukraine divided up and Poland taking a substantial portion of Ukraine. Poland recall, is a friendly ally of Ukraine! With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Russia is well aware of this and so is the Old Man in Belarus and is holding his troops on the boarder. Belarus has been reinforced with Russian units, fighter planes and S400 AD systems, all sitting on the Ukrainian border. The minute Poland looks like moving into Ukraine, Belarus will move and we will see the makings of World War Three. Slava Poland! You've done it again.

Secondly, the UAF has callously used civilians as a human shield against Russian attack. The UAF have shelled civilians, their residential building, markets, schools, hospitals and municipal buildings. They herd civilians into the basements of their houses and turn the house into a military strong-point, leaving the people in the basement without the necessities for life — I read that one 97-year-old woman, yes, she was 97, lived for three weeks like that without food and survived only on water. Russian troops rescued her from her entombment.

The UAF has been systematically infiltrated by Neo-Nazis to a point whereby now they are recognised units of the UAF and the Neo-Nazi commanders hold major political sway over the UAF. The total disregard for human life, for the Norms of War and the psychopathic attitude of these sub-humans defies description.

It's Time.

Stand Up! Listen to this: "Священная война" "The Sacred War".

Arise! Arise! Great motherland!
And gird yourself to fight!
Against the brutal, fascist hordes!
The terrors of the night!

Then let your noble anger rise,
And cry both near and far:
This is the battle for our motherland;
The people's sacred war!

Do not let these atrocities be swept under the carpet by US/NATO/MSM — let your righteous indignation boil up and speak up. It is the least you can do.

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Author`s name Jim Jones