New rules of conduct turn Italy into Draghistan

Here Draghistan, hell Italy

"When they asked the Spartans why they had such short swords, they replied: to be closer to the enemy."
How far these words are in time, for us who today live the madness in the Draghistan once called “Italy” ...
From 1 February 2022 the Italians have new rules of behavior. Crazy rules.
If you are not vaccinated, you can no longer enter a bank, a post office, you cannot collect your pension. You must be vaccinated to work and continue to work in the public service. But whether you are a teacher, a policeman, a soldier, a doctor, a simple employee or a worker of any kind, no matter what your CV or how many years you have served: if you are not vaccinated you end up suspended without pay. Even a criminal in prison has his daily allowance and a policeman suspended for disciplinary reasons still has half a salary to be able to provide for basic needs.

But in the Draghistan once called “Italy” it only matters that you have to get vaccinated otherwise you are a “no vax” and your life must become hell. This is what Minister Renato Brunetta and Senator Pierpaolo Sileri, undersecretary of the ministry of public health promised publicly not long ago on behalf of the government. They did it publicly, without any shame but rather proudly boasting about it and above all without anyone reproaching them for what has just been said.

Now, if you are over 50, you are forced to get vaccinated, under penalty of a one-off fine of 100 euros. More than a health measure, it is a compulsion to raise money.

However, it is not true that we have Star Trek-type Covid vaccines, as we are led to believe. We never had them. It is not even true that they are effective, because it has been discovered that after a short time the protection fades quickly and then disappears and the effect seems to reverse, even becoming something that can promote the disease.

It is not true that vaccines are definitively approved drugs because, in reality, they are all experimental, authorized with an emergency procedure and the experimentation is far from over. Their sales contracts are secret. The companies that produce the serums have an absolute legal immunity and not even the evidence that the data from the early stages of the trial had been rigged was enough to raise necessary doubts. Above all, not only you are forced to vaccinate but you still have to sign a paper with which you assume all the risks. Thus, as unfortunately some Italian families have already experienced, a judge can dismiss the case because the vaccines are not formally mandatory and the victim had signed the “informed consent”.

It is therefore not true that there are no side effects. The long-term side effects are still unknown but, on the contrary, the short-term ones are now well known. Heart attack. Stroke. Thrombosis. Paralysis. They take your breath away. They ruin your body and can turn you into an invalid. They kill you. Every day in Italy there is a trickle of sudden deaths, in sleep or during trivial activities. It is a deliberately ignored epidemic of “sudden illness”, with all too often fatal outcomes. Since the vaccination was then extended to the entire population, adults, adolescents and children, no one is safe from this monstrous Russian roulette wheel.

It is not true, it has never been true, that Covid is the plague of the twenty-first century. Above all, it is not true that there have never been treatments for the sick and that they could not be given at the first symptoms: there are indeed! And those who follow the official protocol (sic) by choice or because they are forced, seriously risk ending up intubated in the hospital and dying there, perhaps even mistreated by doctors and nurses after they discovered that the unfortunate is not vaccinated.

And for what then? The vaccinated become infected and contagious in turn and spread the disease with extreme ease thanks to the freedom given by their green pass. It is something for everyone to see even if many media and many people literally jump through hoops to deny it. Article 32 of the Constitution, to which non-vaccinated people appeal, protects them and all other Italians in the same way. It was conceived by our Founding Fathers of our Republic precisely to avoid the gruesome scenario we are experiencing today: the indirect obligations that the government imposes with careless ruthlessness to push for vaccination are actually extortions.

Here in the Draghistan once called “Italy”, the whole Green Pass system has proved to be totally unsuccessful in terms of health, like the government of Mario Draghi who wanted it so much. However, this system has succeeded in its truest and most hidden aim: to disfigure our democracy and introduce a system of political control.

Our country, however, does not need a social credit system, useful only and exclusively to a small clique of bullies, greedy and power-hungry, who hate democracy because they consider it useless.

I want to recall once again the words of Senator Richard Black:

People who require a Green Pass for daily living are not free.

No, they are not, Senator: you're absolutely right. As also the philosopher Byung-Chul Han, half Korean half German, who coined the term “palliative society” is perfectly right: our Western society shuns suffering, lacks heroism, sits in the guaranteed tranquility of survival. But the people, el pueblo que unido jamás será vencido, keep their heads in the sand and prefer not to see. Never be that they have to accept the fact that they have been deceived and that there is a different plan at work, different from the one so much publicly proclaimed.

Unfortunately, horrible things happen here in the Draghistan once called “Italy”, where it is no longer enough to be healthy but you must certify it beyond any doubt.

For example: in Mestre, near Venice, an 80-year-old mother hammered her 57-year-old daughter: “I wanted to kill her”, she confessed to the police who came to arrest her. Reason: she was exasperated by her unvaccinated daughter who worked from home in smart working.

The exasperation arose from the fear of contagion and from having internalized, under the pressure of an obsessive terrifying propaganda, that our neighbor, be it a stranger or a member of our own family, is a potential murderous infector because he or she is not vaccinated or because he or she does not follow senseless hygiene rules.

In Turin, a few days ago, some high school students tried to express their opinion on internships working, which have become common practice in our high school. The reason was the death of one of their mates, which occurred due to a tragic accident on the last day of an internship in a factory, an internship perhaps even useless. They hoped there was someone to listen to them. Maybe someone from school, university or from that “civil society” that the Italian “progressive Left” so much likes. In fact, there was someone: the police, with batons, more worried about the anti-covid rules than the dead in factory:

In my life I have never seen a mafia boss with a face smashed and bloody but, as it is well known, even police have families and it is easier to be tough with those who cannot defend themselves than with those who, instead, can kill your family.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò well wrote a few days ago in his letter to our police:

...In these two years, like all citizens, you have witnessed a global coup, planned and carried out under the pretext of a pandemic, in which the most elementary principles of law, science and professional ethics have been trampled with impunity by people who, like you, had sworn: the rulers and magistrates, to respect natural and positive laws for the good of the country; doctors, to treat the sick and work to save their lives; reporters, to divulge the truth. Faced with what we see happening all over the world, we understand how many have betrayed the oath taken, how many have reneged on their commitments, how many have proved themselves corrupt and subservient to power.

And especially:

...Silence, blind-ready-absolute obedience, respect for the rules for a quiet life or for fear of retaliation cannot constitute a justification for the continuation of a situation that is now unsustainable. Remember Nuremberg, and how much it was worth to the condemned to justify themselves with "I followed orders".

Here, Nuremberg. Again Nuremberg. Unfortunately, in the Draghistan once called “Italy” and where we all live today, many, too many, feel themselves as privileged, untouchable, unpunished.

The next time one of our ignorant and good-for-nothing foreign ministers flies to Moscow and publicly asks the Russians to respect “human rights”, old Sergei Lavrov could show him a photo of a student with a face smashed and reduced to a mask of blood and could then ask the unwary Italian imbecile how much respect for human rights is worth in Italy if a mother tries to hammer out her unvaccinated daughter, if students who demonstrate peacefully are brutally beaten by the police, if here everyone can always refuse an experimental vaccine but then lose their jobs and salaries by order of their own government.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo