Green Pass: Tyranny instead of freedom

Freedom in danger: Interview with Senator Richard Black

It is now under the eyes of many people, in Italy and in the rest of the world, that the pandemic emergency was and is the ideal pretext for imposing new rules of social control. These rules do not promise anything good but only a slow and progressive strangulation of all the freedoms that the Western world (and not only it) has managed to conquer. Fear of the virus is the tool to facilitate unprecedented social conditioning.

The results are sadly visible in Australia and New Zealand, which have become health hells where the police forces have undergone a disgusting anthropological mutation: from a republic's defence weapon to a health Gestapo.

The same happened in our unfortunate Italy, thanks to our Leftist government. It is useless to hide: the Republic is in danger. The freedom of our beloved country is under attack every day, thanks to the psychological terrorism that a tyrannical government has implemented with a scientific method.

To those who proudly show their Green Pass to the kapo on duty, without feeling humiliated and offended but, actually, almost putting their skates on to be faster in throwing themselves away, I want to remember the words of Senator Richard Black:

“People who require a Green Pass for daily living are not free.”

Richard Black, Purple Heart in Vietnam, has often taken uncomfortable positions, spending himself in favour of Syria and against the Islamic terrorism that has tormented this noble country for too many years. He could have gone with the flow, as they say, and obtained considerable political advantages but he, instead, preferred to risk his political career and certainly did not facilitate it. Still, he chose differently. In the name of inalienable principles.

The same principles that led Robert Kennedy Jr. to the streets in Milan, Saturday 13 November, to remind us all how important it is to resist in this moment and how much it is necessary to defend our freedom from those who besiege us.

Seeing Robert Kennedy in Milan was like seeing another Kennedy, his uncle the President, in West Berlin. The same voice, the same look, the same eyes. The same ideas.

Senator Black agreed to answer some of my questions and his answers take on a particular meaning since what happens in the United States is reflected, for better or for worse, in our unfortunate Italy as well.

1) The state of Virginia has a new Governor, this time a Republican one. How important is this change of colour, from Blue to Red, in the power games in Washington?

A) The Virginia victory had immense political importance throughout the nation. Virginia voted Democrat for a number of years. The enormous shift here suggests that it will happen in other parts of the country. The U.S. closely watches Virginia elections, since most states only vote during even-numbered years. All eyes focus on Virginia during odd-number years. The Democrats’ loss sent shock waves across the nation. It demoralized Democrats, who had grown arrogant and tyrannical.

2) The recently concluded elections in United States saw an advance of the “Trumpian front”, opposed to the Democrats and the false Republicans, the Rinos. Do you think it is only a momentary success or instead a long wave that will lead to remarkable results?

A)  The Virginia election disclosed major flaws in the Democrat Party. They forced critical race theory (CRT) into government, companies and public schools. CRT foments racial hatred in order to create Marxist class conflicts leading to revolution. Voters rose up and completely rejected the ideology. Also, Democrats promoted transgenderism, forcing school teachers to lie and call boys girls, and girls boys, if a student demanded it. This resulted in a transgender boy repeatedly sodomizing a girl after he entered the girls’ bathroom wearing girl’s clothes. The public has turned sour on the entire homosexual agenda as a result of this. Democrats also forced school libraries to stock pornographic literature for use by children. Comic books such as Gender Queer and Lawn Boy cater to homosexual paedophiles by making children receptive to homosexual advances. The public was outraged by these publications and others that described gang rape and sex with animals. Democrats face enormous additional problems. They promoted racial violence, sending mobs through inner cities to burn, loot and attack white citizens. They defunded police and ordered them not to protect the public against the mobs. All of this resulted in a severe backlash against the Democrats. People are also rising up against vaccine mandates. Many military personnel are refusing to take the vaccine, preparing to leave their careers behind. The same thing is happening with firemen and policemen. Many people are refusing to take employment, knowing that the Biden administration is trying to require large firms to enforce a vaccine mandate. Already, the Biden administration is running into a buzzsaw of legal opposition to vaccine mandates.

On top of this, massive printing of unbacked currency has begun to cause inflation to spiral out of control. Heating bills could go up 60% this winter. Gasoline costs 50% more than it did when Trump left office. Fast foods and groceries are far more expensive today. Even water is increasing in price, and Loudoun County, Virginia will raise prices 9% over the next 3 years. The vast flood of currency printing is reaching a point of no return, where inflation goes wild, impoverishing the poorest elements of society. Traditionally, this has led to massive political unrest and violence in countries where unchecked inflation has taken hold. Democrats face disasters on every front. They are almost certain to suffer crushing losses in the House of Representatives and to lose control of the Senate during the November 2022 congressional elections. 

3) Many people have placed high hopes in post-election audits, so as to overturn the result of the polls. What happened to the results of audit such as that of Maricopa County, Arizona?

A)  The U.S. presidential elections were massively corrupt. In all six “swing States,” Trump had powerful leads until the polls were closed for the night. Republican poll watchers were ordered to leave so that only Democrats remained at the polls. A flood of fake ballots were sent to the polling places in large Democrat dominated inner cities, and when the polls reopened, Biden was mysteriously ahead in every state. This was not the first corrupt U.S. election. The United States has a long and storied history of voter fraud. Men like Huey Long of Louisiana and Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas were legendary for basing their political careers on crooked elections. Many voting irregularities were uncovered in Maricopa County, Arizona. It is doubtful that those will be rectified, as the courts are loath to intervene in elections. However, the voter fraud has given Republicans all the more incentive to oust corrupt politicians.

4) Can former President Donald Trump eventually return to office, after new elections, or the American Constitution, American laws, prevent him?

A)  President Trump can legally run for president again. There is no impediment under the law or Constitution. The harder Democrats push against him, the more likely it becomes that he will run again, just to demonstrate that he was actually victorious in the last election. For now, it appears that his nomination will not be opposed by Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who is probably the most viable candidate other than Trump. DeSantis has indicated that he will not run if Trump does. If Donald Trump ran for president again, it is likely he would win in today’s environment. Some Republicans would prefer a different candidate, but all Republicans will support the party nominee, knowing that the alternative is a democratic party heavily influenced by Marxists.

5) Let's talk about viruses. At what point is the coronavirus epidemic in the United States and why do so many Americans refuse to comply with the vaccination mandate that President Biden has tried to impose?

A)  America is tired of vaccine mandates. Liberals mocked the Governor of Florida for keeping businesses open and forbidding localities from imposing vaccine mandates. For a time, Florida's covid rate was high. However, that passed, just as it always does when left alone. Today, seven of the states with the highest vaccination rates have severe outbreaks of covid. Nationwide, the rate is 7%, but in heavily-vaccinated New Hampshire, the rate is 84%. Vaccines seem to create a new “super spreader” class of people—the vaccinated. Vaccines may lessen the risks for older people, but they pose distinct health threats to younger recipients. Young people are dying more frequently from vaccines than from covid. Nonetheless, governments are forcing school children to accept the vaccine to enable pharmaceutical companies to amass huge fortunes at their expense. So far, there is no convincing evidence that vaccines actually reduce the spread of infections. The 5th United States Court of Appeals has blocked the Biden administration from imposing vaccine mandates, saying that Congress did not authorize OSHA, the industry safety watchdog, to address public health issues. Similar lawsuits have been filed in other states. Despite massive censorship imposed by social media platforms, a great many reports of death and serious injury from the covid vaccines have surfaced. An element of the population is adamantly opposed to taking the vaccination, particularly those concerned about its effect on fertility. Considering Biden’s political weakness (his popularity fell to 38% in one poll), it will be difficult for the president to use force against those opposing vaccines.

6) In your opinion, what origin does this epidemic have and how has it been used by the Deep State of various countries?

A)  I cannot distinguish “gain of function research” from germ warfare. Both are designed to produce pathogens more fatal to the public than naturally occurring viruses. There is no excuse for any nation carrying out such deadly experiments. Gain of function research took place in the Wuhan, China laboratory. However, similar research was taking place in the Army laboratory at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, which was mysteriously closed on an emergency basis, just before the outbreak of covid. I do not know who is to blame for the covid outbreak, however, I do not trust Dr. Fauci and feel he should be removed as soon as possible.

7) You fought in Vietnam, risking your life for deep needs such as freedom and democracy. Doesn't it seem to you that the Western world has fallen victim to the aggressive ghost of socialism and it is now in danger of changing into a hive-society where everything is decided and regulated by a single “Party”?

A)  I experienced Marxist communism in Cuba, Vietnam and East Berlin. It is brutal savagery. It is not new and existed before the birth of Karl Marx himself. The French Revolution was a classic Marxist class war that attacked Christianity and slaughtered huge numbers of innocent people. The communist party has been active in the United States since at least 1919 when the Communist Party USA was founded. Unable to create class conflicts in a nation that was socially mobile, communists work to bring about revolution by exacerbating racial frictions, often by fomenting racial violence. Marxist-leaning Democrats see America's racial divide as a potential source of class conflict leading toward revolution. America's greatness has always been based on free market capitalism, constitutional governance, and national unity. Over recent decades, the economy has drifted toward socialism, federal courts have declined to uphold the constitutional order, and the population has become fragmented among hostile races, ethnicities, and fundamentally antagonistic religions. At the same time, fantastic wealth has become concentrated in the hands of politically powerful oligarchs like Bill Gates and George Soros. The Democratic Party has become the party of socialist billionaires. It incessantly attacks and diminishes the middle class and working poor, while empowering a shiftless, criminal, welfare class that floods across our open borders.

8) At this point I would like to speak with you about Italy. Robert Kennedy Jr. recently talked about freedom and the need to resist the health dictatorship in an Italian square full of people cheering for him. Your opinion, Senator?

A) I was pleased to see Robert Kennedy, Jr appearing in Italy to campaign for freedom and resistance to the emerging global health dictatorship. As nations transfer ever more sovereignty to amorphous global entities, the rights of the people suffer. Global entities despise the common people. They exist only to enrich the oligarchs. I urge Italians to resist tyranny, just as people in the United States are beginning to do.

9) In Italy we have to pay 15 dollars every 48 hours for a health certificate, the Green Pass, that tells us if we are infected with coronavirus or not, otherwise we cannot live. It is in fact a bribe to the Italian government. How did we end up like this? In Italy but in other countries of the Western world...

A)  People who require a Green Pass for daily living are not free. They live under tyranny. They are slaves to a despotic State. In recent years, nations have yielded their sovereignty to non-governmental organizations. Billionaires from around the world congregate at Davos, Switzerland to make deals and receive their marching orders from an invisible government. They return home to implement plans formulated by people we do not know and did not elect. It is an emerging dictatorship by a faceless elite. Unless nations retain sovereignty, the common people will have no voice or influence over their own future. Yet today, almost all of the world's most powerful people are working in concert to destroy sovereignty and exterminate freedom. Unless we recognize the essentiality of national sovereignty, there is no hope of people remaining free.

10) There are Italians who are about to leave their country because they are terrorized by the government in office and its insane health policy. Albania and Sweden, for example, are chosen to escape the health dictatorship that suffocates us in our home. Do you have something to say to these Italians and to those who, by necessity or choice, still remain in Italy?

A)  In America, we hear of nations like Australia and Italy, where governments are moving toward totalitarianism. This is disheartening. Americans love Italy. My wife's grandparents were from Avellino, and millions of other Americans have relatives in Italy. Did Italians have less freedom under Benito Mussolini than they have today? I simply do not know. What I do know is that Italians deserve their freedom back. Many people in Eastern Europe are experiencing a rebirth of personal and religious liberty at the very moment when tyranny is sweeping those rights away in Western Europe. What a dramatic reversal that has been! It is shameful that Italians must think of emigrating to escape their own government.  In months to come, perhaps America’s renewed spirit of freedom will take root in Italy. We must pray for that.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov