Joe Biden under the microscope

HO HO HO Joe Biden

To some of you, that slogan sounds all too similar to the marketing one used - and I believe it is still in circulation - by an American transnational fast food processor corporation. Moreover, frozen vegetables, are its main product line. Although the temptation was there, to continue that tradition when describing, using vegetative terminology what really happened in America's 2020 Decision Day Vote, and how Joe Biden, miraculously became the 46th President Elect - with a staggering 81 million-ballot tally - that same desire soon became fleeting. 

NO. That is not the correct premise of my article. 

The centrepiece argument

My centerpiece argument is entirely different. To a degree, it is much more germane as to what actually transpired on that fateful November 3rd day; the shenanigans thereof which proceeded well into the wee hours of November 4th. Make that for the entire week. 

Keeping with the American vein, many of you, if not most, are also familiar with a cop film that debuted in the 1980's: Die Hard. That same film provided the springboard that launched the main protagonist, Bruce Willis, toward worldwide name recognition and of star celebrity status. 

His character, New York City Policeman, John McClane finds himself in the epicenter of an international terrorist attack, at a Los Angeles chic hotel. John, by his own admission - or should I say, 'Roy', the code name of his choice - found himself in that tenuous situation unwittingly. We hear him bemoan more than once, "Why did I even come here?" The cryptic reference there is to his estranged wife. She invited McClane. One intimate scene hints that a possible reconciliation between the two coastal 'opposites' was possibly in the works. 

That scenario also went fleeting; in a New York minute. Terrorists had just commandeered the entire floor of the flagship hotel. This occurred while the host Nakatomi was lavishing its employees and special guests with all the ostentatious accoutrements that one would expect from a mega billion dollar Japanese property development corporation. In an instant, McClane, witnesses the summary execution of the company's Chairman, Tagaki at the hands of the film's baddie and terror leader, Hans Gruber. 

At that moment, McClane, I mean, Roy, has an epiphany: It is he - and he alone - against the Deutsch terror squad. He estimates their ranks at about a dozen. 

McClane wastes no time. In a matter of minutes, he wastes one of them. It comes in the form of a Nordic blonde, who essentially, comes off as very deranged. By extension, any reasonable Patriot would state that that wackjob, deserved to be whacked; and in the worst possible way. John goes one-step further. He engages in political chicanery. He sends the greased baddie after depositing the corpse in the lift, to Hans' occupied floor, which serves as the gang's makeshift command and control center.  

On opening the door, Hans, is confronted with the slumped but well deceased comrade, while seated in a comfortable office chair. McClane went to pains to capture all the sordid details: the most important being the conspicuous message inscribed on the fellow terrorist's white Christmas sweater. Not one to be easily shaken or stirred, Hans, reads aloud: HO HO HO Now I have a machine gun. Mother sucker. 

Twists and turns

Without going through the rest of the exciting plot with all its terrors, twists and turns, allow me to cut straight to the chase. In the movie's depiction of John McClane, this could well have been a sound portent by the screenplay's writer of an almost identical real life clone; one that would emerge three decades later. He would come in the person of, Donald Trump. 

When you think about this - and so many Patriots do - U.S. Pres. Trump with his MAGA banner was at war - to a large degree still is - with equally vicious terrorists. No, not with the conventional international kind, like the Hans Gruber's. No. Pres. Trump is battling the terror within the Republic. Be it, Democrat party, RINO's, lying fake news media, even members of his own Cabinet; all combined sum to one formidable opponent: Deep State. Alternatively, the homegrown terror is known as, The Swamp, if you ask any one of his 75 million deplorable Patriot supporters. 

As with John McLane, Pres. Trump has resolved himself to the cold facts. He is fighting the battles and the broader war with the criminal cabal, all by himself. There is no one else. Against all odds, he seems to be winning on many fronts: American economy that boons, is the envy of the entire world, rapid gains in the war on terrorism, and to some degree, Donald Trump has already leveled the playing field when dealing with the unfair trading practices of the CCP, led by their lifetime Emperor, Xi. Called winning. 

Unlike Roy, or John McClane, Pres. Trump - there is a strong argument to be made here that he sure could use one - does not own a machine gun. He does though have a solid spine and true grit; even that of a real Patriot. 

Now how does all of the aforementioned tie in to the titular line? Well, it is rather elementary. Joe Biden, the supposed President Elect, has much of the same character flaws and moral shortcomings of let us say, a Hans Gruber, he of the fictional Die Hard terrorist renown, actually, infamy. 

That observation has a strong portent: that the closing scene ends badly for interloper Joe Biden. This is poignant given that Pres. Trump is also likely to loosen, unlatch, Joe's watchstrap, then see him freefall down the rabbit hole. The President closes with a famous farewell: Yippee Ki Yay... 

Mother Sucker. 


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Author`s name Vic von Papn