Does America possess the desire and capability to defeat its own Fourth Reich?

Trump's acquittal: Welcome to the Fourth Reich

In my recent Pravda.Ru article, America's Fascist Party: A Warning to the World (February 1, 2021), I hypothesized how the United States, thanks to Donald Trump, had three main political parties:  Democratic, Republican, and Fascist (which, as this article explained, stands for Fanatics Against Sanity and Conscience Instigating Sedition and Treason).

Today America has two.  Thanks to the treacherous votes of forty-three senators, coupled with a plethora of Congressional representatives, and reinforced by officials who censured members of the moribund Republican party for having the "audacity" to believe that impeaching a mendacious, racist, unhinged lunatic, who incited insurrection for self-serving political gain, was the patriotic thing to do, America is now left with the Democrats and the Fascists.

Think about the depraved insanity of this:  Forty-three United States senators basically told their colleagues, including the former Vice-President, that even though many of them were mere minutes away from a brutal death at the hands of a mob unleashed by Trump, and that he gleefully watched this mob's actions on television instead of sending help to quash it, this does not disqualify or render him unfit to hold future political offices. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Having worked in the legal profession for several years, I lost count of the instances I held out hope that prosecutors, judges, and juries would do the right thing, only to be disappointed time and time again.  In fact, it seemed that the more wrong these individuals were, the more determined they became not to admit it, and, in some cases, even exacerbated their wrongdoing.

For example, I recall a case of mine where a judge found my client guilty, even though I had caught two of the most important prosecution witnesses blatantly lying.  When we returned to court for sentencing, this judge gave my client a relatively light probation.  The probation officer assigned to handle the case then remarked to me, "I think the judge now believes your client is innocent, because I've never seen him give such a light sentence for the offense your client was convicted of committing."

To which I replied, "And how is that supposed to make me feel better?  Where is the justice in still punishing a person, regardless of how lightly, if this judge now believes he is innocent?  You seem to think this judge engaged in an act of courage, when, in reality, it is nothing but an act of cowardice."

So, when Trump was acquitted in his second impeachment "trial" (if you can even call it that given that some of the so-called "jurors" actively strategized with Trump's lawyers during the proceedings) by many of the same sycophants who acquitted him in his first, my reaction should have been anger.

Instead, it was resignation.

After all, when the truth be told, politics is perhaps the only legal profession where overt dishonesty, hypocrisy, corruption, and racism are considered to be virtues, not vices.  Thus, it stands to reason that such a profession is not going to attract saints, or even ordinary individuals who possess a modicum of human decency.

Which means the best one can hope for is that everyone of these senators, representatives, and officials of America's nascent Fascist party will one day be dammed for the remainder of human history for the evils they both unleashed and/or ignored.  And, if the universe is a just place, one can also hope that everyone of them has punched his/her one-way tickets to hell.

One of the individuals I continue to admire is the late, great folk singer Phil Ochs.  But I'll admit I was perplexed when he said, "Even though you can't expect to defeat the absurdity of the world, you must make that attempt."

"Why?" I thought.  "What is the incentive to make an attempt when there is no prospect of succeeding?"

But the acquittal of Trump suddenly made this statement clearer:  By acknowledging evil you are at least not silently ignoring it, even when this evil cannot be defeated.

So, through this article, I am acknowledging the odious and malignant evil of these forty-three senators and their cabal of supporters-the treasonous architects of the Fourth Reich. 

Whether America possesses the desire and capability to defeat this evil before it is too late to do so remains to be seen.

David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru

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Author`s name David R. Hoffman