Fanatics Against Sanity and Conscience Instigating Sedition and Treason (FASCIST)

America's fascist party: A warning to the world

To all world leaders who believe in democracy, freedom, and human rights, this warning is not hyperbole.  This is not mendacity.  This is not "crying wolf."  This is a warning that, unless you take essential precautions, the threat you face to your national security is very real.

But the solution is simple:  If you consider your nation to be a proponent of the principles above, don't share any of your knowledge and secret information with the government of the United States.

For decades, several political commentators and critics have argued that the fundamental flaw of American politics is its entrenched two-party system.  Unlike other nations where political parties who agree on general philosophies, but differ on specifics, have to engage in give-and-take compromises and form coalitions in order to achieve their goals, disagreement in the American two-party system, incessantly inflamed by politicians who are more devoted to party loyalty than the good of the country, results in a constant state of gridlock, where accusations are thrown around like confetti, but nothing is ever done, and demagogues are routinely elected less on what they've accomplished and more on what they've prevented the other party from accomplishing. 

However, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it.  America is no longer a two-party state.  While the traditional Democrats and Republicans still exist, the cult of Donald Trump has spawned a third political party, in practice, but not in name.  So, I will give this new party the name it richly deserves: 

Fanatics Against Sanity and Conscience Instigating Sedition and Treason (FASCIST).

The devastating impact of this new party has already been felt with the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol, but its roots go much deeper.  Regardless of whether FASCIST puppet masters subscribe to Abraham Lincoln's harbinger that "You can fool some of the people all of the time," or the mantra uttered by con artists that "There's a sucker born every minute," or comedian Ron White's observation that "You can't fix stupid," a plethora of politicians and pundits, thanks to the ascendancy of Trump, have proven that those seeking influence and power no longer need science, logic, reason, facts, evidence, or even qualifications to successfully manipulate public opinion. All FASCISTS need to do is invent conspiracies and fabricate lies that benefit (and often enrich) them, then disseminate these lies through so-called "news" outlets that function as nothing more than Joseph Goebbels style propaganda machines, and, just like magic, these FASCISTS are soon elected officials, walking the halls of Congress and State Capitol buildings and/or spewing their disinformation to millions of dedicated "followers."  (In fact, does anyone notice the designation of being called a "follower" implies that people lack the capacity to think for themselves.) 

In today's America there are now members of the United States Congress who openly subscribe to conspiracy theories, racism, COVID-19 denials, ridiculing of mass shootings (even when children were the victims), and/or are otherwise totally devoid of any concept of reality;

  • there have been allegations that several members of Congress conspired with right-wing extremists to facilitate the Capitol insurrection and/or betrayed the location of where their colleagues were hiding during this siege;
  • there have been reports that at least one Congressperson was engaged in a plot to replace the head of the Department of Justice (which had already become a corrupt institution under William Barr) with a Trump sycophant who would then work to delay, and ultimately overturn, the results of the 2020 presidential election;
  • and even after this aforementioned siege, that left many Congressional members fearing for their lives, 147 Representatives and 8 Senators still endorsed the goals of the insurrectionists by challenging the Electoral College results.

But it gets worse. Despite his incitement of the mob and his attempted coup that placed members of Congress in danger, 197 Representatives voted against impeaching Trump, and 45 Senators voted against holding an impeachment trial at all.

The message is chilling: 45% of America's Congressional Representatives and 45% of its Senators actually had the audacity to contend that a president inciting insurrection to maintain his grip on power is now an acceptable norm of behavior.

What is particularly despicable is that many of the FASCISTS, who voted to keep the country bitterly divided through their challenge of the election results, are now perfidiously claiming that their votes against impeaching Trump are designed to promote "unity."  But it doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to recognize that these FASCIST cries for unity would have been conspicuously absent if their coup had been successful.

For those who wish to take the antics of these FASCISTS too lightly or view them as a passing aberration that will dissipate without causing too much harm, remember those who mocked that corporal in the German army and his ragtag band of followers, and believed that appeasing him would somehow make him quietly go away. 

Should the world now gamble that this policy of appeasement will work against a bone-spurred draft dodger, or do millions again have to die before the ascendancy of the evil that it spawned is quashed?

Leaders of the world, think about this:  Almost half of America's Congress, and 80% of its Republican members, are either in the hands of FASCISTS or eager to enable them.  Do you really want to trust your classified information and national security to its graces? 

Of course, I'm not saying that members of other branches of America's government, such as the executive branch, will intentionally place your information or security at risk, but only that, once you reveal it, there is an enhanced prospect of this information falling into the wrong hands.  Remember that the recent insurrection has shown that members of the FASCIST party are also ensconced in the United States military and law enforcement, and their allegiance is to one thing only:  Their cult leader Donald Trump.

So heed this warning:  If you entrust your sensitive information to a nation mired in the machinations of the FASCIST party, the country you destroy may be your own.

David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru

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Author`s name David R. Hoffman