Year 2017: Russia and China get ready to take over world leadership

Year 2017: Russia and China get ready to take over world leadership

By Sawraj Singh

In the year 2017, it became clear that America will not be able to hold on to the world leadership much longer, and Russia-China are preparing to take over the world leadership. There is a big question: Will India join them for a change, or join America to maintain status quo?

The nineteenth meeting of the Communist Party of China showed that China has become very assertive in declaring that it is ready to take over a new role of the most powerful country of the world from America. China has declared that it wants to develop socialism with Chinese characteristics. This concept not only rejects western democracy, but also rejects Eurocentric socialism. Therefore, it rejects western domination in any form.

Russia's victory in Syria sent a clear message to the world that Russia is becoming the leading military power of the world. Russia has established superiority of its weapons on the ground, in the air as well as in the seas. Russia has emerged as a leading power in Europe and the Middle East. There is no leader in Europe who can match Putin's popularity and strength.

America is facing growing isolation in the world. Two events in the year 2017 clearly show this trend. America came out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and it decided to move its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Both these moves faced opposition from the rest of the world. Just look at the UN voting on the issue of Palestine. In the Security Council, all 14 members except America voted against moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. America had to use veto. Nikki Haley threatened countries who voted against America. However, in the General Assembly, despite American threats, a big majority of countries voted against America. The final vote was 128 against 9 with 35 abstentions.

The North Korean situation showed that a small country can stand up to the most powerful country in the world and score a moral victory.  America seems to have realized that it is true that it can completely destroy North Korea. However, the price it will have to pay for this can be unbearable. North Korea can inflict major damage to South Korea and Japan. Moreover, there is no guarantee that one of its nuclear missiles can reach North America.

Russia and China are trying to challenge the supremacy of American dollar. Both countries have increased their gold holding and they want their transactions in Yuan. China will support its currency with gold. China is the biggest buyer of energy (oil and gas) in the world. Iran has also decided to accept Yuan. If Saudi Arabia also starts accepting Yuan, then dollar will face the most serious challenge it has ever faced. 

A very big question is that will India join Russia and China to change the present world order to a new world order of a multipolar world, or it will side with America to maintain the status quo. From the recent voting pattern in the UN, it looks like India is interested in reviving its traditional friendship with Russia. India and Russia used to vote together on almost all issues. In the recent voting on the Palestinian issue, America exerted a lot of pressure on India not to vote with Russia and China and to abstain from the voting. However, India, by voting with Russia and China has sent a clear signal that it does not support isolationist policies of America; and wants to join a big majority of countries who want to establish a new world order based upon fairness, equality and mutual respect. The western-dominated unipolar world order was established upon exactly opposite principles to these.

The year 2017 is ending with a clear signal that the vast majority of people of the world want to change the present world order, and Russia and China have decided to play a leading role in this change. We sincerely hope that India will recognize aspirations of people of the world, as well as the fundamental interests of its own people and revive its traditional friendship with Russia, and join Russia-China in changing the present world order to a new world order of multipolar world. A multipolar world order is in the best interest of people of the world, including American people because it will help to maintain peace and harmony in the world.

Sawraj Singh M.D. F.I.C.S

Chairman, Washington State Network for Human Rights 

Chairman Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice 

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Author`s name Sawraj Singh